10 Beautiful Mobile Legends Heroes Who Have Cool Skills

Mobile Legends is one of them game A MOBA that is quite popular with players around the world. Apart from having a pretty cool graphic display. Hero which appears in game This is also an attraction that can hypnotize players.

Well, out of many hero which Moonton has issued, there are several hero women are often the players’ choice. Besides having a beautiful face, hero it also has power and skills is cool

Want to know anyone? hero What does that mean? Here is the list hero Beautiful Mobile Legends you can count on in battle.

1. Karina

Karina is one of the beautiful Mobile Legends heroes. He is from the world dark elves and nicknamed the Shadow Blade. Karina tries to save her sister, Selena, from her decision to join the Shadow Abyss.

Karina herself is a person assassin. He has several skills Cold. One of them is Blade Dance. Skills this made Karina stare at everything attack opponent It will swing Twin Blades for a few seconds. Karina’s mobility is also high thanks skillshim and his role as hero META.

This beautiful hero was also awarded skills make passive damage big Unfortunately, Karina also has a weakness. He couldn’t stand it crowd control opposite and is hero it’s just focus single target.

2. Irythel

irithel mobile legends_

The beautiful Irithel has a story no less tragic. He was abandoned by his parents, before being adopted by Leonin Nana. Since then, Irithel learned many things, including skills fight Irithel has a friend in the form of a small tiger named Leo.

In gameIrithel’s role is marksman. It has skills known by name Strafe. This fighting ability makes Irithel capable of attacking opponents by shooting arrows. Irithel also has the ability to make Leo weaken the opponent. Skills this is known as Force the Queen.

Because she has Leo as her companion, Irithel can ride this animal while attacking the enemy, you know. The same goes for Karina hero it has a weakness against crowd control.

3. Leslie

Lesley mobile legends_

Lesley, Deadly sniper. It’s not complete if you don’t talk about it hero This beautiful Mobile Legends. Lesley is one marksman once upon a time assassin. He had been abandoned by his father in the past. Lesley was then raised by the Vance family.

Either one skills Lesley’s fight is disguised. When skills this is active, it will get movement speed double energy replenishment and recovery. Lesley’s incognito mode can end if she gives or receives damage from the opponent.

Lesley’s weaknesses are insurmountable crowd control and his attack is focused on single target just.

4. Blessed


Benedetta is hero beautiful like assassin. Benedetta has skills to avoid crowd control by Points for Pointshis. Actually, Benedetta can occupy any position. The reason is because hero It has good mobility and flexibility.

Interestingly, Benedetta was awarded with final skills is cool He can enter battle without being hit damage.

Just like Lesley, Benedetta lost her father. Father was defeated during the battle with the devil. Benedetta eventually joins forces from the Moniyan Empire to perform revenge for father

5. Kimmy


Kimmy and Benedetta are both from the Moniyan Empire. Hero This beauty is a bit of a tomboy and really likes technology. He wanted to prove his greatness to his father.

Kimmy has the ability to deliver damage the big one on the enemy with skills which is named Energy Transformation. It is also capable of attacking opponents from a wide distance.

Kimmy’s weakness lies in movement and attack speed which is not very fast. Additionally, Kimmy attacks with skills passive also feels less accurate.

6. Lunox

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