10 Best and Most Interesting Ludo Games for Android Phones

It’s not just snakes and ladders games that fall under the criteria of old school games, aka old games. There is a unique game board which can be categorized as an old school game which is ludo game. Ludo was a game that was quite popular in the 90s. This game requires a board with interesting colors.

This game is no less interesting when compared to the existing colors. The ludo game consists of 4 people and each player must be able to collect baduk in the middle of the board. However, they must roll it according to the number of dice that come out. Interesting isn’t it? Well, this ludo game is now also available on Android devices, you know.

Ludo game for Android phones

Want to play Ludo game for free offline and online? Don’t worry, Caris Signal has some suggestions for fun Ludo games to play with friends. Come on, check out the following comments.

1. King of Ludo

Playing ludo game with colleagues or with family is very exciting. Well, now you don’t have to bother playing ludo anymore by bringing various ludo equipment such as board, baduk and dice. You can play Ludo King and download the game on PlayStore or click hereyou can play it through Android style smartphone.

Ludo King has more or less the same rules as ludo games in general. To play Ludo King, you must have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 people. Each player is given 4 badges where each player must collect all badges at the end. Can you collect them to the end?

2. Ludo Club

Ludo Club

Well, if you can play this one game for free online. Because online this then you can play online multiplayer aka invite other players to play with you. The rules of the game are still the same as Ludo in general. In addition to the same rules, the game will also display every point you collect. Exciting, can? Want to try playing the game? Let’s download it here.

3. Classic Ludo

Classic Ludo

Want a ludo game with a more classic look? You can choose stretcher games developer Sudhakar Kanakaraj. This one game is quite capable and good for games on Android. Superior feature variants are also included in Ludo Classic.

Some of its features are the availability of offline and online games. So, Ludo Classic players can choose to play with internet or without internet. If you are playing offline then your opponent is AI Ludo Classic. However, when playing online, your opponent is your friend. Please select by clicking here.

4. Ludo Neo-Classic

Neo-Classic Ludo

Ludo Neo-Classic as a game with the concept of ludo can be the right choice for you. This is because various key features are embedded and installed into Ludo Neo-Classic game. In this game, you can choose the rules according to each country.

Not only that, the game will feature gameplay with classic animated graphics but still dancing. Uniquely, this game presents dice that can change color according to the player’s turn to throw the dice. That’s not the only feature multiplayer up to 4 players embedded in it. Interested? Download here.

5. Ludo SuperStar game

New Ludo Game(2018) SuperStar Ludo Game

Unlike other Ludo games, in this game you can set your own rules. For example, you can lock a certain place so that enemies can’t place Ludo seeds in that place, or you can even get dice with the number 6 under certain conditions.

However, in this Ludo Game it can be more free than previous ludo games. In addition, you can also play online offline by challenging AI or CPU of Ludo Game. Interested? Can continue download game here.

6. Ludo Party

Ludo Party

The exciting game allows game players to compete with their skills in online ludo games real time. Not just in a way real time of course, in this Ludo Party game players can meet and also play together with Ludo Party players all over the world, you know.

Not only that, another feature provided by Ludo Party is its presence scoring system where each player’s score will be displayed and matched with the scores of Ludo Party players around the world. However, you don’t need to worry, Ludo Party also provides an offline mode by fighting the existing AI in Ludo Party. If interested, you can directly download the game here.

7. Ludo 3D Multiplayer

Ludo 3D Multiplayer

This time, the ludo game presents an animated graphic display that tends to be cute and also funny. there are different types of animations that you can choose to be a character in Ludo 3D Multiplayer game. Not only that, but as the name of the game suggests, Ludo 3D Multiplayer presents a modern 3D animation display.

In this game, Ludo 3D Multiplayer players will be given 4 baduks to collect in the middle. You can also fight your friends online or maybe you can choose AI as your opponent. All your options can be specified directly by clicking here.

8. Ludo

Ludo game

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