10 Best and Most Interesting Naruto Games on Android Phone

Who doesn’t know Naruto anime? Almost everyone is familiar with animation with this one ninja concept. However, it is not only anime that is in high demand, you know. because, game Naruto anime is also quite sought after with a proven 10 game You definitely want to play this Naruto on Android phone.

If you are a Naruto anime lover, then you should not miss the top ten most interesting Naruto anime games to play on Android. Various game concepts are offered from various developer games on Android, of course they still use the Naruto theme in the animation. About is there? game Naruto adventure offline? Find the answer in the comments below.


Naruto anime lovers and those who love to play game, don’t miss NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE. because, game this one is ready to take players into an exciting and challenging battle. There are many characters adapted from the characters in the Naruto anime.

Not only that, the system is also there battle ranking where every player will always beranking based on total marks battle conducted. What’s fun is that you can also play NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE for free multiplayer up to 4 players, you know! Come on now download game-get it on Google PlayStore.

2. Ninja Smasher – Naruto & Friends

Ninja Smasher_

If the game Ninja Smasher – Naruto & Friends it’s easier. You don’t have to improve skills, hunt monsters, follow a storyline or collect certain weapons. In Ninja Smasher – Naruto & Friends, what players do is destroy aka kill all characters that appear in game this.

However, there is one condition for you to win, which is to never kill a female character. If you accidentally kill an existing female character game this then you will automatically be declared game over. The higher the level of the game, the more difficult it is to conquer every enemy that exists.

So! that do it game this is annoying, at the end of the mission a boss will appear with abilities and power that may be difficult to overcome. just info, game it can be played for free, but it will display quite a lot of ads when running.

3. Stickman Ninja 2

Stickman Ninja 2

If game this one is more unique where Stickman Ninja 2 presents the appearance of the character in form stickman. But, Carpenter-it is drawn according to the characters in the Naruto anime. In the game, you just have to fight the enemy.

No need to worry guard, because Stickman Ninja 2 has interface with dynamic control system and quite easy to use. Interested in playing game Stickman Ninja 2? If interested, please direct download game-get it on Google PlayStore.

4. Super Stick Fight All Star Hero

super stick fight_

Super Stick Fight is a game fight full of fun hero which can be selected. Not only hero from Naruto anime, but also other anime like One Piece. In gamethat, there are several game modes to choose from as well. Among them story mode, versus mode and PvP or opponents players others online.

First of all, we try to play story mode before this. Here, there are several levels of the game that must be completed. You are required to defeat each enemy with the moves you have.

Use the control bar on the right to attack and make moves. While the controls on the left side can be used for the direction your character moves.

oh yes game it includes quite a lot of ads in it. To go up just one level, you’ll usually be asked to listen to an ad first. So that’s it hero You are getting stronger skillshim, don’t forget to-upgradefrom,

5. Naruto: Slugfest X


Naruto: Slugfest X is game Online PvP that allows you to fight as a ninja, against other players with your team. During entry gameyou will act as Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja hero from Konoha Village.

You as Naruto will learn to fight, accompanied by Sakura and Master Kakashi. We try to play game this with a mobile phone middle distancedecision game can run smoothly. just info, game This Naruto is classified game heavy with real visuals. When downloading it, the size game this alone reaches around 500MB.

What’s more, you will be asked to download a total of almost 2GB of data. As a result, game this is not suitable for playing on HP low-end with RAM and storage which is not too big.

6. The Legend of the Nine Tails

legend of nine tails_

The Legend of the Nine Tails so game Next Naruto you can try. Your task is to save Konoha Village by eliminating the invading enemies. Together with your ninja team, use your full power to eliminate the enemy army.

Use Naruto’s best moves by using the controls on the right. Use the buttons on the left side of the screen to move. If you die in the middle of battle, the character will spawn again alone

oh yes game it’s actually quite entertaining. Moreover, there are so many hero which can be selected. Unfortunately, when we try, it’s still there bugs From game which sometimes causes game– stopped.

Besides, arrangement the controls on the screen are also not correct. So, we had a little problem when we wanted to attack the opponent. Because this is one game Naruto is the most exciting, hopefully in the future the existing problems can be fixed, okay. Keep in mind, each player may have a different experience.

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