10 Best Android Games in Indonesia (June 2023)

The Nokia N-Gage mobile phone was one of the pioneers mobile games in the 21st century. Symbian operating system mobile phones also opened people’s eyes that playing games on mobile phones is the same as playing games on consoles.

However, the Nokia N-Gage was only continued once through the QD series (2004). Meanwhile, the Symbian operating system lost its way in seeing changes in the interaction habits of mobile users.

The intended change is from a mobile phone withkeyboard towards full touch screen mobile phones. Android, which saw the change emerge, became the market leader starting in 2010. Its nature is open source making Android favored by application developers, including game applications.

The Android app store, Google PlayStore, is home to hundreds of thousands of games. Of course, of these, some of them are favorite games. This time, the Caris Signal team will present 10 the best Android game according to Google Play Store Indonesia. Check out the following list:

1. Crossy Street

Nobody doesn’t know Crossy Road. The game has a simple mechanism. But, really do it collect The Caris signal team tried to play this game and beat several challenges.

Yes, the main mission in this game is to help the birds; whether it’s a chicken, a parrot or a pigeon crossing the road. Now, on the roads that will pass, there are vehicles such as cars, trains and trucks that will pass. The width of the road varies. Most interesting veryif you are passing through a main road with many vehicles.

Not to forget, there is a train track to be passed through as well. Well, the most challenging thing here is the presence of airplanes. Players can be hit by a plane that comes suddenly. We also experienced this several times.

The game provides free coins that can be earned through a reward system. There is also reward in the form of new characters that can be used. Download Crossy Road on Google PlayStore to play it.

2. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 legend

Asphalt has been a dream racing game ever since it appeared on the Java platform on mobile phones feature. Even though the era changed to Android, Asphalt remained an idol in every episode released. Its position is not afraid to be at the top even though the series Need For Speed ​​​​​​​​from Electronics Art also competes on the Android platform.

At the first glance of this game, you will be invited to live a career as a street racer with the cheapest car. You are expected to be able to win one race to the next to earn money and bonuses. Money and bonuses become capital to modify and improve the performance of the car.

Games Gameloft’s ingredient beat out CSR Racing two (2nd place) and Need For Speed: No Limits (3rd place) in the racing category. play Asphalt 9: Legends Now.

3. Zynga Poker

zynga poker

Have you ever been a fan of games from Facebook? If so, then you are no stranger to games produced by Zynga. One of Zynga’s most popular games to date is Zynga Poker. The game formerly known as Texas HoldEm Poker was originally only available on Facebook.

However, Zynga is trying to get rid of its dependence on Facebook by creating its own apps that are dumped into the Google PlayStore.

You will play against other players in Zynga Poker. The mechanics are the same as playing similar games. If you think you’re good at it, don’t hesitate to participate in tournaments or leagues. Of course, both will provide a more challenging gaming experience.

Keep in mind, Zynga Poker is not a place to gamble, yes. This is just a game. Even so, you can use real money to buy some items in the gym.

4. Spider Fighter 3

spider fighter_

Want to experience being a superhero? Just play Spider Fighter 3. From the name it is clear that this game is inspired by Spider-Man. Caris’ signal team carries out several important missions in the game. One of them is to help combat crimes that occur in banks.

We had to use our amazing abilities to swing from building to building on the spider web. After arriving at the location, all we have to do is kill the enemy with the moves we have. Skills New battles will be unlocked as the game progresses.

Interestingly, the mission is getting harder. You will get more enemies ready to attack. Kill them and save your life to complete the mission.

Spider Fighter 3 has intuitive controls. The visuals are pretty good too. Heroes that can be used here are not only Spider, but also other characters such as Iron-Man. We have quite a lot of fun playing this game because there aren’t too many ads. Download Spider Fighter 3 on Google PlayStore.

5. Vlogger Go Viral: Ubi Game

viral vlogger_

The profession of YouTuber is now more and more in demand. With so many people dreaming of becoming a YouTuber, game developers have produced many games with the theme of this profession. One of them is Vlogger Go Viral: Ubi Game.

This is a game clicker and idle game very simple. Your task is to become a successful YouTuber! Get a lot view and love by making your favorite videos customer.

There are many genres of videos that you need to make. Starting from videos about food, game, take a walk and discuss your favorite books. Each video has a different creation time. In fact, some take tens of minutes.

Well, to speed up the process, you need to do tapping on the laptop screen. Or, feel free to watch commercials to boost the crew at the studio. The crew itself is only temporary, yes.

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