10 Best Anime Games on Android Phones That Are Very Interesting

Anime, an animation produced by Sakura Country, Japan, proved to have many fans both in their own country and even in Indonesia, anime lovers cannot be said to be small. Animo who likes anime more and more make some developer games on Android never runs out of ideas to work on the best anime games.

A wide variety of games with anime characters are offered, ranging from action games, RPG games, Aracade games, to card games that take anime themes as their characters. Of course, all games have their own uniqueness, fun, and interest. Are there anime character games that can be played offline? Find the answer in the comments below.

10 Best Anime Games

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link

Children of the 90s must be familiar with the anime titled Yu-Gi-Oh. Yes, an anime that is fun to watch by presenting a story concept about card battles. That’s what makes developer KONAMI pours ideas from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime story into a very interesting game.

The concept and theme offered by the game which has been downloaded over 1 million times on PlayStore is the same as the concept and theme in the anime story itself. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links will take its players to interesting and exciting challenges.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links are also provided sprinkled with stars such as Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, Mai, and many others. Another advantage offered is that this game already presents 3D animation. Let’s download the game here.

2. Toram Online RPG

Toram Online RPG

If previously Yu-Gi-Oh offered interesting card games, this one is different. In accordance with the name of the game, which is RPG Toram Online, this game that can be played on Android phones presents an RPG game and of course you need to play the game online.

The game will free players to create characters tailored to their individual desires. Additionally, RPG Toram Online allows players to upgrade skills by using the “Skill System.”

The story or plot offered is quite interesting. It is said that 100 years ago, a catalyst destroyed the world and humans were divided into 4 groups. What’s the next story? Play now and find the answer here.

3. League of Super Monsters

Super Monster League

After the RPG concept game, Monster Super League is now present as a no less interesting and exciting game for you to play. Games developed and developed by developer 4:33 This features a game where you are asked to collect Astromon.

There are around 550 astromons that the player must collect and collect. Another excitement, the astromons that have been collected may increase skills your game character you know. So, collect as many astromons as possible here.

4. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Are you familiar with Naruto anime? Ultimate Ninja Blazing presents the Naruto theme as an in-game animation. This game is one of those games that take the concept action. Bandai Namco, developer from the game Ultimate Ninja Blazing offers an exciting game where players can compete with existing opponents.

Here you can choose the character that will be your hero character. Of course, the characters are all in the Naruto anime, you know. Even your dueling game opponents are taken from Naruto anime characters. The available missions are quite interesting with their presence storyline in the game. Want to know? Download here.

5. Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger

Unlike the previously mentioned games, the Mystic Messenger game actually takes the concept of a simulation game. The unique gameplay offered by Mystic Messenger is that players will team up with handsome and charming anime characters.

After you download the game here, you can enter the game directly. After that, you will join group chat with handsome male anime characters. Then, the storyline will progress as you play it. Interested in the plot of the story on offer?

6. SWORD ART ONLINE; Memory Defrag


Again, Bandai Namco is also developing and creating a game that takes the theme of the very famous anime that is Sword Art Online or more commonly heard with the acronym SAO. The game is called SWORD ART ONLINE; Memory Defrag also takes the concept action to play it.

This game SWORD ART ONLINE;Memory Defrag offers various features in it. Players of this game can use characters that match what is in the SAO anime, such as Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, and others.

If you want to play by following the existing storyline, then various missions with interesting challenges have to be completed by the player. However, this game can also be played with mods free games, where you don’t have to follow storyline that exists. Want? Download here.

7. LoveLive! School idol festival

Love Live School idol party

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