10 Best Exciting and Thrilling Zombie Games on PC

One of the favorite themes and choices of many people when playing game PCs are zombies. Various game titles zombies was released to the market to attract the attention of players. Some of them even made a film version that was no less interesting.

Cultivation of a more serious storyline to the constantly improved quality of graphics makes players feel comfortable lingering in front of the computer to play. game zombies.

Of the many that have been released, the Caris signal team has condensed them into a list of ten game zombies the best to play on PC. Check out the full discussion below.

1. State of Decay

The State of Decay is game interesting zombies and can be considered one of the best. This is not a title game new. However, a unique concept offered by Undead Labs game sandbox This is indeed able to steal the attention of players.

Take settings on an island housing an army of zombies, players will become one who survived who must survive by gathering food, weapons and strategizing and working with paramedics who survived others still survive.

The whole thing, this zombie themed game is quite interesting. State of Decay is not a hardcore zombie game as it features a lot of activity. Additionally, State of Decay also has a capable graphical display as well storyline which is slippery. Get State of Decay on Steam.

2. Lights Out

dim lights_

Dim lights is game released by Techland. In game In this game, the player will play the role of a special agent named Kyle Crane who is assigned by the secret organization GRE to infiltrate the city of Harran. Harran itself is a quarantine city, where a virus has turned people into zombies.

But in the middle of the mission, players will meet people who are still alive. Therefore, the player must choose to play as an individual to save who survived or accomplish the organization’s mission.

Overall, this zombie game is very interesting. Features parkour and multiplayer mode adds to the fun of the game. Because of that, Dying Light is one of the best zombie games, according to the Caris signal team.

3. Resident Evil 4: Remake

resident evil 4 remake_

For us, Resident Evil 4: Remake also deserves the title as game the best zombies; same as the original version released in 2005. Yes, this game is equipped with mechanisms gameadaptive features itemsvisuals and also better character development.

Rivaldo Santosa from Lazy Monday Assessing that Capcom managed to make the Remake version of Resident Evil 4 relevant today, without losing its originality. storyline used remains the same.

You will help Leon to save Ashley who is being held by the leader of the pagan community. Interestingly, in version redo Here every event that happens is explained in more detail.

Rivaldo also added that Capcom making Ashley more functional as a character is a good move. Caris’ signal team also agreed with this, since in previous versions Ashley’s character was considered very stiff and sometimes just ‘troublesome’ Leon.

The whole thing, Resident Evil 4: Remake is very much a must play. Especially if you want to recall the old version of Resident Evil 4. Get it game-up Steam.

4. Days Pass

days passed 1_

If you search game Zombie, no doubt the name Days Gone will come up. This one game got quite a good response from critics and game player. Days Gone itself is an action-adventure game that tells the story of a former motorcycle gang member named Deacon.

He must find a way to survive in his city destroyed by the plague. Not just any virus, people there turn into creatures known as zombies crazy person. Of course, they can grow to be more terrifying.

Besides crazy person, Deacon also needs to destroy his other enemies. One of them is a group of cannibals. In his journey, Deacon is not alone. He was accompanied by his partner Booze.

As a player, you have to help Deacon and Booze carry out various missions. Including looking for Sarah, Deacon’s wife.

The Caris Signal team loves the uniqueness of this game, where we can ride a big motorcycle wherever we go. Other than that, the game open world this also gives the player freedom to perform handicrafts.

Battles against enemies can be easily resolved. one strange can be destroyed with just one bullet shot shotgun. He cried, this game also provides melee attack so that we can attack the enemy from close range.

For visuals, Days Gone already deserves a thumbs up. Get Days Gone on Steam to start playing.

5. DayZ


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