10 Best Finger Typing Games on PC and Laptop

Games typing was born out of necessity. This game is designed to teach players to type using 10 fingers. One from game A typewriter that has been around for a long time is Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing which was created in the 1980s.

Learning to type accurately and quickly has now become one of the most important skills. Typing games can be an easy and fun way to learn to type quickly. Here are some game Caris Signal team’s best typing version you can try.

1. God the Word

God the Word is one game tap 10 fingers that have a perfect balance between game and training. User game it will play a young actor whose job it is to reconstruct the historical battle of the gods of Olympus.

Weapons, potions, and upgrade, all of these things are important to the progress of typing. However, the development of users will not be far if they do not have intelligence and fast finger movements.

Aside from the word scramble puzzles, what the game is all about is the challenge of fast typing to defeat hordes of enemies. Each boss, which is a computer-controlled enemy, appears with a mechanic where defeating it requires more impressive wordplay and tactics.

The game consists of more than 5 rounds accompanied by two endless modes. With multiplayer mode, users can play online online towards friends and even other strangers. Games it has a system upgrade separately which can be adjusted according to the character of the user. Download God’s Word.

2. Typetastic


This typing game site has game 10 finger typing for school students. The best thing about this app is that it is available without subscription. The site features 13 fun games, all created in real classrooms with teachers.

The approach is simple: instead of having children start typing lessons using 10 fingers straight, the lessons focus on three or four keys at a time and initially encourage children to use only one finger to type letters.

The idea is that once they know where all the letters are, they will naturally be able to type better. The game is divided into three parts, viz Let’s Build a Keyboard, Let’s Go Up Keyand Kickstart Keyboard.

Let’s Build a Keyboard focus on showing the child where the keys are on the keyboard. Meanwhile Let’s Go Up Key ask children to press certain buttons, one at a time, to make something happen. And Keyboard Kick off which ultimately requires children to use all their fingers to type. Visit the Typetastic website.

3. Cat Typing

typing cat_

Paint Typing is recommended for professionals, especially private tutors, computer programmers and graphic designers. Like most game 10-finger typing, Typing Cat starts by introducing users to a simple typing lesson.

From the basics, users can progress to more complex typing lessons, including HTML. HTML integration may generate user interest in coding.

However, even if the user does not like computer programming, using this coding concept will significantly improve their typing skills by allowing the fingers to get used to odd combinations of words and characters.

Some courses that coding enthusiasts can try include EcmaScript 6, CSS 3 and HTML5. To try the exercise, visit the Typing Cat website.

4. Ztype


Games this 10 finger typing reminds people game 70s icon that allowed users to shoot small purple and green aliens from one end of the screen to the other with a two-bullet laser.

It’s hard to believe that Space Invaders is 43 years old, but fans can still feel the same adrenaline rush as Ztype, game typing with the same shooting concept. There are stages that need to be completed.

However, instead of aliens, the user has to type a word before the missile destroys the ship at the bottom of the screen. Often, longer and more complex words will appear.

If the word is not typed in the allotted time, the series of letters will spread like a rocket. The game is fast paced and will still get the user’s heart racing. Visit the Ztype website to try.

5. Nitro type


Next, there is game 10-finger typing is known as NitroType. In game In this one, you will be able to train your 10 finger typing speed while playing car racing. Yes, you will be asked to type the sentence on the laptop or PC screen, so that your racing car keeps going fast. So, your enemies will be left behind.

Learn to type with 10 fingers with NitroType fun, so it is suitable to do in free time. Graphically, indeed game this looks old school. However, this does not affect the fun and benefits offered.

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