10 Best Light and Small Android Games to Beat Boredom

That’s right HP potatoes (HP with very modest specifications) has always pleased its owner angry because of its less than optimal performance. Start from the scale left behind and bugs which often happens when it is used up to mediocre memory which requires the owner to delete some important applications.

This obstacle is usually felt by game player which has potato HP. Although there are many game which is fun but light for HP with low parameters. Starting from game offline nor online you can play without headache thought HP memory.

This time the Caris Signal team will discuss ten game which is friendly to play on potato Android mobile phones. Quite a lot game with a small size that offers game and quality graphics that are fun to play. Want to know? Let’s see the comments below.

1. Turbo Driving Race 3D

Turbo Driving Race 3D is game simple race. The size of the game alone is less than 20 MB. Here, you have to take your racing car to the arena. No, not a circuit, but a highway.

In the first level alone, you are already faced with a rather challenging mission. Yes, your job is to collect points by driving the car without hitting other vehicles. Use the on-screen controls to step on the gas and brake. Meanwhile, to turn, move your mobile right or left.

If you want to get more points, climb on top of the trailer. Next, let the truck run and you’ll score automatically. During the mission, don’t let yourself crash into another vehicle twice. If this happens, the mission is immediately over.

Use the money you get from completing missions to upgrade your race car. Besides upgrade car, you are also allowedunlock map different

As for the graphics display, you shouldn’t expect much. This is a ‘space saver’ game on Android phones. So, visuals are not wow love game mostly car racing.

2. Ultimate Soccer – Soccer

Best Soccer - Soccer _

Best Soccer – Soccer suitable for those of you who are looking for game football manager Moreover, if you don’t want to sacrifice too much internal storage. Ultimate Soccer – Soccer uses only 37 MB of space.

Indeed, the graphic display is not as luxurious game ball manager such as FIFA World CUP or equivalent. However, the game mechanics are still the same. Here, you can be the manager for the team; such as managing and training players, as well as setting strategies before competing.

Therefore, game this is a good alternative game big ball manager The level of excitement is not much different. In addition, you are also allowed to be involved in every ball game.

3. West Gunfighter

western fighter_

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a cowboy living in the west? You will get this experience by playing game West Gunfighter. At gameit, you take on the role of a cowboy who is given several missions. For example, like wiping out a certain cowboy clan, or finding a valuable object in a location.

Don’t worry, during the mission, you will be accompanied by a horse. This horse can be called whenever you want. Apart from horses, of course there will be weapons at your disposal. One of the weapons is a gun.

As a player, you are allowed to customize your character or items. he exclaimed, deeply game this is also available mini game which can be tested.

For a game with a size of 19 MB, the graphics display is very good. Controls are also intuitive. Games This adventure is perfect to play when you are bored. Download West Gunfighter on Google PlayStore.

4. Twist Crush

twist crush_

Twist Crush is a casual game on Android. Make the Carisignal team, game this one counts too relax; great to play when you’re stressed.

In Twist Crush, your task is only one: to make the blue ball fall on a platform circle Use your finger to push the ball. But remember, don’t let the ball land platform Red in color. If it happens, game over will appear before your eyes.

Drop the ball to each one platform with caution. Collect as many scores as possible, and let the ball fall until platform final. From here, you can continue to the next level.
Although it seems simple, game this one is enough complicated. Especially if you are not careful when aiming the ball to platform. Want to try it? please download Twist Crush on Google PlayStore Now.

5. Find the Difference: Pictures

find the difference pictures_

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