10 Best PS1 Games You Can Play on Android Phone

Although the world is now game it has been much more advanced, but the charm game classic is still no less captivating than game sophisticated today.

For those of you who were born in the 90s, you must be familiar with the PlayStation 1 game console. This is because the PlayStation 1 was very popular in the late 1990s to the 2000s. The good news is, now there are many game Playable PS1 on Android via Android emulator.

Well, to-refresh your memory of game PS1, the Caris signal team has compiled a list of suggestions game The best PS1 playable on Android. What do you want to know? Come on, let’s see the review!

1. Tomb Raider

I guess no one doesn’t know Tomb Raider, huh? Games These adventures really caught the attention of fans game player at that time. The Caris Signal team is no exception. Tomb Raider provides an experience game extra ordinary.

In addition to carrying plots interesting, game it also presented interesting 3D visuals at the time. Tomb Raider will take you on a journey in the style of Lara Croft, a beautiful woman named Lara Croft who works as an archaeologist.

Lara has to go on adventures in several locations and countries. One of them is Egypt. There, his task is to complete the mission of finding artifacts and other valuable objects in a tomb or ancient tombs.

Make no mistake, Lara’s adventure will not be easy. On the way, he will face various enemies. Not to mention wild animals. Fortunately, Lara is also equipped with cool weapons. Don’t forget, he is prepared skills what the Search Signal team likes the most: swinging between walls.

Until now, game Lara Croft is still in high demand. Although the latest version has appeared, installments The first one still has a special place in my heart game player. Lara’s body, which tends to be square-shaped, is often the subject of nostalgia on the internet. Anyone missing Tomb Raider and Lara Croft?

2. Dino Crisis

The name Dino Crisis is still stuck in the hearts of fans game player. Games which is also lined up by Capcom and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) brings a very intense horror atmosphere.

Opponents are not zombies, but dinosaurs. Some of you are playing game this was probably when i was a kid game it is removed. So, when playing, it feels more scary.

You have to help Regina investigate the appearance of dinosaurs on an island. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs here aren’t just any dinosaurs. you have to deal with the intelligent and deadly T-Rex.

While there, there will be plenty items that can be obtained. For example such as weapons and also bullets. Remember game these are both made by Shinji Mikami cs. And Capcom, sometimes we feel game it is similar to Resident Evil in some respects. For example, the animation when the door is opened by Regina. Sounds very distinctive, doesn’t it?

The Dino Crisis was and still is game The best PS1. should, game This survival horror reached record sales of over two million copies.

3. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

If you are an expert in game hidingTenchu: Stealth Assassins is definitely for you. Games this one should involve skills excellent hiding place. In the game, you will act as Rikimaru or Ayame.

They are two ninjas who have to carry out a special mission from their boss. oh yes game The story takes place in Japan during the Sengoku period.

The two main characters have their own skills. Rikimaru is tougher and his blood doesn’t run out quickly. He usually fights with a sword. Meanwhile, Ayame is hanging on shuriken and two sharp knives. Unfortunately, Ayame’s immune system is not as good as Rikimaru’s.

To complete the mission, they must kill each enemy secretly. This is the fun and most distinctive part game Tenchu. While playing, it is guaranteed that you will feel incredible tension.

4. Crash Bandicoot

Bandicoot accident

Children of the 90s must be familiar with it game This PS1. Games released in 1996 was the first installment of the Crash Bandicoot series.

Games This classic adventure will take you on Crash’s journey trying to save Tawny from the evil Doctor Neo Cortex’s experiments.

This Crash Bandicoot has a lot to gain review positive from para game player to successfully sell 6.82 million tapes.

The success of this first series led them to another Crash Bandicoot series that is still a favorite of many. And of course some of the other PS1 Crash Bandicoot follow-ups are also playable on your Android.

5. Tekken 3

Tekken 3

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