10 Best Yogurt Brand Recommendations for Fruit Salad


Yogurt dairy product is one dressing commonly used for fruit salads. The fresh, sour and sweet taste of yogurt that is obtained naturally from milk can add flavor to fruit salads without adding a lot of calories.

In addition, the combination of yogurt and fruit makes fruit salad dishes rich in probiotics, prebiotics, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which are of course good for the health of the body.

For those who want to make fruit salad, but are still confused about what yogurt brand is good for fruit salad. This time you will give 10 recommendations for yogurt brands for fruit salads that can add to the delicacy of fruit salads. What are you curious about? Let’s see the review!

1. Elle & Vire

French dairy product brand Elle & Vire provides various types of yogurt made from quality fresh milk. Elle & Vire provides plain yogurt which is generally used for dressing salad. Plain yogurt belonging to this brand is available in two versions viz sweet and unsweetened.

For those who prefer salads dressing which is more creamy and compact, Elle & Vire also provides type greek yogurt. This type of yogurt has higher protein and fat, a more sour taste and a lower sugar content than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt provided by Elle & Vire has various flavor variants such as plain, honey, vanilla, raspberryand strawberry and lemon.

All variants of this yogurt brand for fruit salad are also available in 125g cup form. and are sold at a price range of around 13,000 to 21,000 depending on the type of yogurt chosen.

2. Greenfields


The next recommendation came from a domestic brand that produces processed dairy products, namely Greenfield. Yogurt produced by Greenfields is made from 100% fresh milk from Greenfields farms. The texture of the yogurt from Greenfields is very soft and smooth creamyso it’s good to make dressing for fruit salad.

Greenfileds 2 jenis, plain yogurt and yogurt with fruit flavors such as blueberry, strawberry, manga and peach, mixed berries as well as raspberries and lychees. Greenfield’s fruit-flavored yogurt is equipped with fruit chunks or chopped fruit, which can add to the taste as well as texture of a fruit salad.

Yogurt from the Greenfields brand is packaged in various sizes, from 125 ml to 500 ml. And specifically for the plain, blueberry and strawberry variants, they are also available in 1 L sizes. As for the price, this Greenfields yogurt is sold at around 13,000 to around 75,000 depending on size.

3. Biocoal


Biokul is a yogurt brand under the supervision of a food company from Indonesia, namely Diamond. This brand offers several types of yogurt such as greek, stirred and set. Which can be chosen according to taste.

The biggest difference between the three is the consistency. If you want a consistency that is not too thick then, stirred yogurt more suitable. However, for those who prefer a dense consistency, then greek yogurt is the right choice.

All three are available in several flavors ranging from plain or plain, honey and also a variety of fruit flavors that can be adjusted to your preferred taste for fruit salad.

Yogurt from Biokul is offered in various sizes, from the smallest 80ml to 1L and is sold at an affordable price, which is around 8,000 to 80,000 depending on the size and type.

4. Cimory


Brand known by the product yogurt drinkit also provides yogurt set products. Cimory Yogurt comes with two flavors, fresh and strawberry. Both of these are yogurt sets, so they have a texture that tends to be dense and creamy which is certainly suitable for use as dressing for fruit salad.

The two variants of the yogurt set from Cimory come in 400ml cups and are sold at an affordable price, which is around 30,000 which you can find in several supermarkets.

5. Heavenly Blush

Heavenly Blush

Greek yogurt from Heavenly Blush comes in various flavors such as honey, strawberry, apple, pear, peach and granola. Because this is greek yogurt of course they are enriched with a higher protein content and a relatively lower sugar content than regular yogurt. Texture of greek yogurt which creamy and thick makes it great to use in fruit salads.

Greek yogurt from Heavenly Blush is packaged in a mini cup with a size of 100ml. So, it is suitable for those of you who are looking for a yogurt brand for small fruit salads. You can find one cup of this yogurt easily in various supermarkets or mini markets at a price of around 23,000.

6. Yummy


This dairy product brand from a local brand serves 2 types of yogurt, namely plain yogurt and greek yogurt which comes in various flavors ranging from plain, fruity, to the most unique flavors of nata de coco and aloe vera. The variety of flavors that are quite a lot can make it easier for you to get a variant of taste that suits your taste.

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