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10 Suggested Fun Home Decoration Games to Play


Playing games can give us new experiences to explore certain characters.

If you want to experience how to design a house, choose the right furniture for the atmosphere of your home without having to actually have a lot of money to buy a house and its furniture, then home design games are perfect for you.

This time Caris Signal will share 10 recommendations game a fun home decoration that you can play on your smartphone. Here is the list.

1. Home matches

If you want to play game home decor, give it a try Home game. In the beginning, you will be asked to build and design Emily’s house located near the beach. Your task is to create a building, add windows, furniture, plants, to build a swimming pool.

You also need to choose the color and type of paint that will be used on the walls of the house. At first, you only need to design the exterior. But, over time your duties will increase.

Well, to continue planning, you need to make money. The way, just play mini game match 3 that’s on Homematch. Games match 3 it is similar to Candy Crush. You have to match one by one items which appears on the screen, with items which looks the same. From one mini game this, you will get 500 money.

Collect money and design your client’s house to completion. If the design progress continues, the next level will be unlocked. It is not difficult to play game this. In fact, for us, gameit’s easy and addictive.

2. Property Brothers: Home Design

treasure brother_

Property Brothers: Home Design offer game just like Homematch. You will be given a mission to design a house. However, this time, straight to the interior. The design pattern is already provided inside game and you have to remember it.

Choose a sofa, table, wall paint and other furniture according to the design above. If you run out of money, there is mini game match 3 which you can play. Good luck, game match 3 the ones here are pretty easy to conquer. However, the higher the level of the game, the more difficult the challenges will be.

What makes Property Brothers: Home Design more unique in comparison game other is on voice actinghis. Yes game this presents voice acting good. generally, game similar does not include many voice actingbut only dialogue.

3. Design My House: Makeover Game

design my house_

Design My House: Makeover Game will take you to a fun home design game. In the first stage, you will design the interior of the room, by adding sofas, wall decorations, paint, changing the floor, etc.

Like most game home decoration, you will be given the opportunity to complete it mini game. The goal, of course, is for you to earn extra money to design the house. difference, mini game in Design My Home: Makeover Game is a pretend game. You have to guess the vocabulary in English.

The game in Design My House: Makeover Game is not much different from similar games. Just press the shopping cart icon to select items and install it in the room. Each items have different prices. If you forgot the design the client wanted, take a look action plan before continuing to decorate the house.

4. Home Design: Hotel Renovation

hotel renovation_

Just like the name, game it has a mission for the player in the form of hotel renovation. Each room in the hotel must be decorated in such a way. Hang paintings, replace windows, choose carpets, fix stairs and install them chandelier On the ceiling. Make your customers happy with the design.

Relax, there is action plan which you can monitor so that the design follows the customer’s wishes. Earn money by playing mini game match 3. Once you play, you will win 700 coins. These coins will be used to buy items sake items in game. Every day, there is a five-fold ‘life’ bonus. Make the most of your playing time to design the client’s hotel.

Games this is not much different from game another home decoration. The uniqueness lies in the object you need to modify, which is the hotel. Interested in playing? download gamehe here.

5. View of the house


Homescapes offers a touching story. Austin, wanting to return to his dream, decides to return to his childhood home where he grew up.

You will be invited to repair a dilapidated house while re-opening memories of the past that used to be in every corner of the house.

To improve your house, you need to collect the stars you get from playing match-three, the game matches the same icons into a row with at least three icons.

When repairing a home, such as changing a mattress, you can choose one of three mattress designs available for you to make your home mattress. Other furniture also has a matching design, so you can create a home with a theme you like.

6. Redecorate


If you are looking for a home decorating game on Android that has good graphics quality, Redecor can be your choice. The game features 3D graphics that make objects look more realistic.

Furthermore, this game has challenge a diary that will help hone your creativity in home decorating.

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