10 Types of Popular Video Game Genres You Need to Know

One of the popular pastimes that many people around the world do is play videos game. As usage increases gadgets and people’s technology literacy, play videos game become more and more loved, both by children and adults.

Quality videos game also gets better as technology evolves, so it becomes more fun to play. Besides, videos game developed not only in one genre, but in many different genres. As a result, players can choose a genre game that suits them.

Each of these genres has sub-genres numbering up to dozens. Well, here is a brief discussion about the types of genres videos game.

1. Action Games

This is one genre videos game the most popular. In game action, the control is in the hands of the player and he is in the middle of the action.

To be able to play game action, a player must be able to overcome physical challenges. That’s because game The action usually emphasizes challenging the player’s reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time.

Games Action consists of several sub-genres, such as game platform, game shooting, game fight, game survive, and battle royale. Presence game acting over the decades, such as Donkey Kong (1981) and Galaga (1981). While example game Popular modern action games are Fortnite and Call of Duty.

2. Action-Adventure Games

resident evil 4 remake_

As the name suggests, this is game Action spiced with adventure. type game this often combines two game mechanics, viz search or obstacles to overcome.

You must use tools or items as well as action elements, items that are used throughout the game.

Games Action-adventure has two sub genres namely horror you are interested (survival) which focuses on fear and attempts to scare the player through elements of horror fiction. There are also metroidvanias that feature interconnected world maps that players can explore (only unlocked when the player successfully performs certain actions).

3. Adventure Games


Games adventure is one of a kind game the earliest made. Type game these are not categorized by story or content, but by play style. Because it rarely involves an element of action videos game traditional, game adventure became less popular among mainstream players.

type game it consists of several subgenres, including text adventures, graphic adventures, visual novels, interactive movies, and real-time 3D adventures.

In game adventures, players usually interact with their environment and other characters to solve puzzles with clues to advance the story or game.

4. Role Play / Role Play


Games role or play roles or commonly abbreviated as RPG is a video genre game which is very popular.

RPGs consist of six subgenres, two of which are action RPGs that often borrow elements from them game action or action-adventure as well as MMORPGs involving up to hundreds of players interacting with each other real time.

Most of them game roles have medieval or fantasy settings, so this game genre has received quite a lot of fans. Meanwhile, almost all early entries in RPGs were turn-based games, but many modern role-playing games have evolved progressively real time.

5. Simulation Games

Bus Simulator- Ultimate _

Literally, simulation means to imitate work. So, simulation games are game designed to imitate real or fictional reality or to simulate real situations or events. Games simulation is quite popular. generally, game this is usually directly related to the player’s interests.

Games Simulation has three sub-genres namely construction and management simulations such as game SimCity which requires the player to do a building simulation. As an alternative, there are life simulation games such as game SimLife or The Sims.

There is also game which simulates ecosystems and vehicle simulations. Call it like the equally popular Bus and Truck Simulator.

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