10 Unique Food Ideas that are Always Hunted at the School Bazaar


Hunting for snacks is an activity that must be done while at the school bazaar. Snacks sold at the bazaar are usually contemporary food or ready-to-eat food mainstream but still hunted by visitors. Well, you like that food mainstream or moderate hypenih?

If you plan to open stan At the school bazaar, Bacaterus has recommendations for some unique foods or those that are commonly sold but are still sought after by visitors. Curious? Yukjust look at the list here.

1. Indomie Processed Foods


It is undeniable that all food processed by Indomie is always visited by buyers. This original Indonesian instant noodle delicacy can always captivate everyone. Until now, many Indomie processed foods have been sold in the market.

Well, you can also sell Indomie processed food at the school bazaar, you know. For example, there are Indomie Donuts, Indomie Onigiri, Indomie Sushi, and Noodle Sausages. The more unique the Indomie processed food that you sell, the more your stall will sell well at the bazaar.

2. Taiwan Chicken Street

Taiwan Chicken Street

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Snack made from chicken meat is not a new food. However, until recently snack This is still in demand and is always being hunted by the people of Indonesia. Just look, in one mall there can be 3-4 or more different outlets selling Taiwan Chicken Street this.

This food is made from chicken meat which is crushed until it is flat, then kneaded in flour and fried in hot oil. After being cooked, the chicken meat is seasoned with onion, BBQ, cheese or black pepper flavored powder. Then, the chicken will be cut into small pieces to make it easier to eat on the go.

3. Angkringan


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Angkringan is a food commonly found in Central Java. However, you can sell this angkringan at the school bazaar, you know. Maybe stan Your angkringan can be the most unique because very few people sell this food at the bazaar.

Angkringan consists of Nasi Kucing (rice and side dishes in small portions wrapped in banana leaves or paper) and various satay (intestine satay, quail egg satay, krecek satay, etc). Selling this angkringan food at affordable prices so that bazaar visitors are interested in buying it.

4. Various Processed Cilok

Various Processed Cilok

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It’s not only Indomie’s processed food that becomes an idol when it’s sold at bazaars. Cilok processed food can also be the “prim donna” at school bazaars. Both children and adults will love cilok. Besides being practical, this food made from starch is also tasty and tastes delicious eaten as a snack.

Cilok can be modified into various foods, ranging from cilor (aci fried with egg), cilok which is filled with mozzarella cheese, to cilok filled with meat. Want to sell cilok anti-mainstream or normal? All of them are sure to be sold by bazaar visitors!

5. Bubble Milk Tea

Bubble Milk Tea

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Even though this drink has been known in Indonesia for many years, it remains a favorite. Apart from selling unique food, try selling drinks that bazaar visitors will definitely like, for example bubble milk tea this.

All ingredients to make bubble milk tea have been sold in the market. So, you don’t have to bother looking for the recipe yourself. Only with a blender and shaker You can already sell drinks bubble milk tea this is in the bazaar.

6. Tteokbokki


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Everything related to the country of ginseng is always in demand. Not only the music, food from Korea is also able to steal the hearts of the Indonesian people. Many Indonesian people are starting to love Korean specialties.

Tteokbokki is one of food street typical Korean which has been widely sold in Indonesia. Food made from rice flour can be a food idea for sale at school bazaars. To make it taste better, add mozzarella cheese on top. guaranteed, stanYou will surely be invaded by visitors.

7. French Fries

French fries


French fries able to very common food? Precisely because it is common, of course this food will definitely be liked by bazaar visitors. You no you need to worry that your merchandise won’t sell well at the bazaar later.

To make the fries that you sell unique and different from the others, add other spices and sauces, such as mustard or topping seafood on it. The uniqueness of the fries that you sell can also focus on their shape. Currently, there are many unique forms of fried potatoes that will surely attract bazaar visitors.

8. Halal Rice Bowl

Halal Rice Bowl

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