12 Addictive Games Similar to Harvest Moon on Android!

Who is Nope familiar with Harvest Moon? Games genres farming simulation it was first developed in the 90s by developer game from Japan, Amuccus.

The Harvest Moon name itself has soared since the series Harvest Moon: Back To Nature is developed by Victor Interactive Software for consoles game PlayStation in the early 2000s.

Android version of game this legend was also released a few years ago by Natsume, Among them are Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. If you are an Android user and also a fan game a kind of Harvest Moon, surely you want to know and want to play game similar

Relax, there are many game similar to Harvest Moon which has been released on Android which you can already play. Here are 12 suggestions game similar to Harvest Moon on Android for you.

1. Farm Town: Farming & Building

Games this one can be said to be similar to Harvest Moon. You can plant, water, and harvest certain plants.

You can also consume animal products, such as cow’s milk. Deliver all crops and produce directly to the townspeople. You can not only farm and raise, in Farm Town: Farming & Building, you are tasked with building a city. Interested in playing?

2. Farm Town: Family Farming Day

Farm Town- Family Farming Day_

Farm Town: Family Farming Day is similar game Harvest Moon. You will move to a village and start a career to become a farmer and breeder.

Grow a variety of vegetables, and make delicious meals from what you harvest. You can also make dairy products from farmed animals. In addition, you can deliver all crops and livestock to the townspeople. Try playing game Farm Town: Family Farming Day.

3. Bermuda Adventure Farm Island

Bermuda Adventure Farm Island _

Bermuda Adventures Farm Island released by BELKA GAMES in 2021. You will follow the story of a family who wants to go on vacation to grandma’s house. However, the plane they were on had to land on an island.

There, they have to survive by building shelters, growing a variety of fruits and vegetables for food, and raising livestock. Can this family do it? All depends on you. Download the game on Google PlayStore.

4. Village and Farm

village and farm_

Next, there are Villages and Farms. Games it will take you to experience being a farmer in the middle ages. Your task, of course, is to grow various crops and raise livestock in the usual way of the century.

After that, you can make delicious food or sell all the produce from the farm and livestock with other farmers. Earn as much as possible and become a successful farmer Village and Farm.

5. Spring Valley

spring valley_

Your life changes after moving to the beautiful bay. There, you have to start life by being a farmer and breeder. Plant all kinds of vegetables and fruits, also take care of your farm animals.

You can sell your crops and livestock to the city. Not forgetting, you can also make delicious dishes from the produce of this farm or livestock.

The fun part is, you can interact with the townspeople, and even date one of them. Interested in playing? Try Spring Valley with download on Google PlayStore.

6. Family Island

family island_

Family Island is game which brings the story of Bruce and family. They were stranded on an island because their place of residence was washed away by a volcanic eruption. As a result, they had to find another place to live and start a new life.

Finally, on the deserted island Bruce and his family had to learn about building houses, farming and raising animals. Your task is to help this family survive on the island. Bruce and his family are also still looking for their other siblings.

7. Harvest City

harvest town_

Next, there is Harvest Town. Games This RPG comes with a proper visual appearance game Long time ago. You will be in a village where your new life can begin.

You will build a farm with different types of animals, such as chickens, cows, sheep and so on. In addition, you can also grow several types of vegetables. Not only that, the residents there can also be invited to interact. In fact, you can even marry one of the women.

8. Farmville 2: Country Escape

Farmville 2

Next up is Farmville 2: Country Escape. Games it offers farming games as well as doing quests to collect rare items and create new recipes from crops.

He cried, you can play game this by offline nor online. You can also use anonymous mode to play with your friends. Interesting isn’t it? Don’t overdo it, right away download the game Farmville 2: Country Escape from Google PlayStore now. Beware of addiction, yes!

9. Sumikko Farm

sumikko farm_

Sumikko Farm operated by a group of cute animals. These animals need your help to manage the farm and farm. Plant vegetables and fruits if available. Don’t forget to feed the cows, so they can produce milk.

Well, this milk can be used to make delicious bread. You will have your own bakery. Uniqueness game this is located on search given.

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