12 best and most interesting old school arcade games on Android


The 80s and 90s generation may be familiar with the name game dingdong. Once upon a time, the 80s and 90s generation were very tempted to spend their coin pocket money just to play. game dingdong. However, in this digital era where things have changed game outdated dingdong easily accessible, on Android for example.

Many options game outdated dingdong which are scattered in the PlayStore, so you might be confused about which one to choose game dingdong who enjoy playing on HP.

Well, if you want to feel the sensation of playing game outdated dingdong that’s interesting, then Caris Signal has prepared 12 game the best. Come on, look at the following comments.

1. Striker 1945

If previously present with Striker 1945 the second version, so this time we recommend game first version. Not much different from the second version, the difference is some features like multiplayer.

Also, in this first version, you will be shown how to play very dignified So, you can say that the first version presents more arcade playing sensations.

2. Raiden Legacy

Raiden Legacy_

Though game paid, but almost no player is disappointed with Raiden Legacy. How could I not, one game dingdong The best is able to get players addicted. You have to shoot weapons at the enemy using fighter planes.

Each stage-There will be several different challenges, the higher the level, the more difficult the enemy will be. Coupled with a large selection of fighter types that you can choose from, it will add to the excitement of playing Raiden Legacy. Because of this game paid, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable with the presence of ads. If you want, you can buy Raiden Legacy right away here.

3. Streets of Rage Classic

Fury Road _

SEGA also does not want to lose in developing a game outdated dingdong and game this creation is called Streets of Rage Classic. life game In this case, there are 3 characters you can choose as fighter your champion. Every character, of course, has one skills and unique abilities.

Do not underestimate the enemy Streets of Rage Classic, because you will also face a powerful enemy boss. Need help? You can take advantage of the feature multiplayer and enlist the help of friends to fight enemy bosses together. oh yes feature multiplayer This can only be used by relying on WiFi, yes. Interested in this free game?

4. Space Shooter

Space shooter - galaxy attack_

Around the 80s, many teenagers at that time played game dingdong by genre shooter. Well, now you can relive that time by playing the game Space Shooter. As the name suggests, game it presents a spaceship shooting game. Although the way of playing is impressed old, but the displayed graphics are quite modern and smooth.

From game there are various features available to add a more interesting playing experience, for example shooting effects with cool light flashes, power, challenging boss, for game Online playable PVP online. What’s interesting is that you don’t need to spend a lot of capacity for this free game, because Space Shooter only takes 48 MB.



Games this one has a similar gameplay to the 1945 version of STRIKERS. What is different is the conditions and aircraft available. In ATTACKERS 1999 there are many types of aircraft and adapted to the conditions of world war 2. The available aircraft range from F-22 to F-117.

Terms guard you can say this game is also easy, because you just have to shoot enemy planes without getting hit by enemy bullets. And the most challenging, this game provides difficulty levels starting from beginners until advanced. Can you play it?

6. Crazy Bullets

crazy bullet_

Mad Bullets is on one of the lists game dingdong which is fun for you to play on Android phone because it is similar to game Time Crisis in the 90s. Different from game dingdong mentioned earlier, in Crazy Bullets You will be invited to fight the enemy by shooting a gun. So, in Mad Bullets there are no fighter planes or physical combat.

The fun of playing is added to the storyline game Mad Bullets is fun to follow. There are several hero which you can choose as a hero with various skills each. What’s more unique, Mad Bullets doesn’t only have opponents as “people”, because you will also face wild animals. Dare to play?

7. Kung Fu Do Fighting

Kung Fu Do The Fight

Kungfu is also one of the inspirations as a concept game dingdong. Either one game dingdong what we recommend is Kung Fu Do Fighting, made by WaGame which is very similar to game dingdong Mortal Kombat. Judging from the name, you can also guess it Kung Fu Do The Fight is game the fight that drags the martial art from China, Kung Fu.

What is interesting about it game this, you don’t need to care about ranking even though there are no rules game this, you know. Yes, the player just needs to be able to survive, kill the opponent, and come out victorious. Do not be too confident that you can win immediately, because you will face strong and powerful opponents typhoon demon which is hard to beat.

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