13 Best Educational Games for Kids to Play on PC


There is no denying that nowadays the development of technology is so rapid. In fact, children can already operate smart phone or tablets. It’s okay if your child can handle multiple things gadgets. However, as a parent you must constantly monitor your children so that they do not engage in technology abuse.

Games is the way to refreshing for both adults and children. If you want to choose a suitable game for children, recommendations game This children’s education for PC from Caris Signal may be a reference for you. Games This is very educational and very suitable for children.

1. Mouse ABC

Either one game child education you can try is ABC Mouse. Here, children can learn many things through games. One of them is to guess the first letter of the animal’s name.

Not only that, children will also be treated to a game that invites them to learn to pronounce letters. Oh yes, this ABC Mouse is there tabs special, like zoo, classroom, mapand much more. Each tabs it features various activities that you can try.

There is a wide variety of educational games that your little one can try at ABC Mouse. If interested, please try here. You can enjoy a 30-day trial period. Oh yes, we recommend accompanying children while learning and playing with ABC Mouse.

2. Coloring Book

Coloring book

Are you familiar with drawing? Well, this time game Coloring Book comes to PC as a virtual coloring game. Of course this game is very suitable for children, especially children who like to color. Also, this game available for PCs with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, and even Windows Vista.

How to play is very simple. In game this, children will be asked to color the image that has been prepared game. In addition, the Coloring Book has provided a variety of interesting colors so that children can unleash their imagination. Not only that, the Coloring Book also provides a feature to erase tau colors. Want to play? Download here.

3. Educational Games for Kids

educational games for kids_

Educational Games for Kids are presented for children aged 3 years and above. You can teach your child about general knowledge, train reflexes, hone logical thinking skills, and much more.

There are more than 20 different educational games for your little one to try. Call it like stacking Riddleride a bike, solve fun math problems and learn how to combine colors.

Games It presents child-friendly controls and visuals. You can download Educational Games for Kids through Steam here.

4. Zoo World

zoo world

This zoo simulator can sharpen children’s creativity. Zoo World is game educational game for PC that allows children to build a virtual zoo with dozens of different species of fauna.

There are features Animal Editor whose function is to change the color and pattern of fur of the animals in this zoo, and even the size of the ears, nose, tail and claws can also be changed.

Let the children create animals with their own creations. After all the animals are made, children will interact with the animals in the zoo by caring for and feeding them. Zoo World sells on Amazon for US $17.81.

5. Nancy Drew

nancy drew_

If your kids are a bit older, invite them to play Nancy Drew. This is a detective themed game, where Nancy Drew will go undercover to investigate something suspicious going on at school.

It is said that there was a student who really wanted to be valedictorian and threatened to kill to realize his wish. Your child will help Nancy Drew move, check from one room to another and try to solve this mystery. Nancy Drew available for US$19.99.

6. Itzabitza

that night

Games this one seems very suitable for small children who are just learning to read. because, that night will test a child’s reading ability with a writing prompt asking the child to draw something.

The objects they draw must be as interesting as possible because later their drawings will become part of the animated scene. The characters in this game will interact with objects drawn by children. Therefore, guide the children to draw as best as possible so that they can enjoy their own drawing throughout this game.

7. Math Scratcher


Math Blaster is game education for very very popular children. Games this has been around since the 80s. Kids can still try Math Blaster on PCs and laptops, as well as smartphones.

Games presented in Math Blaster are age-appropriate for children. Be found game for preschool children, kindergarten children and elementary school children from grade 1 to grade 6. This game is designed so that your children can enjoy learning math and learning more fun. Basic math lessons, such as multiplication, addition, subtraction and division are also provided. Want to try? Please download Math Blaster at this link.

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