13 Best Ramadan Themed Games for Ngabuburit Friends

In the month of Ramadan, there is a special tradition that only exists in this month cycling. Besides book aka iftar together, cycling is a moment that is often enjoyed by those who fast.

Lots of activities to choose from cycling. Those who like to cook, can be busy in the kitchen. For those who like to read, cycling so it’s the right time to do their hobbies.

Well, for those of you who like to play gametime cycling usually spent playing game on Android phones. a lot game which you can choose. Tried it game Ramadan themed? For those who have not tried, Nope never hurts to look at the games this. Come on, look game Ramadan themed below.

1. Ramadan challenge

this game A very funny Ramadan. Name game This is the Ramadan Challenge. This is game fake developer Entertainment Dimension. You will be invited to play 10 mini game exclaim by game This Ramadan.

Theme 10 mini game this turns out to be unique lol. Games this theme is about your difficulties when fasting in the month of Ramadhan. Some examples are difficulty waking up for breakfast, holding back eating during the day, and some other difficulties.

fun, game this is an easy way to play, you know! In game This Ramadan you do your daily activities but this time you do your activities in the month of Ramadan while fasting. To play mini game this, you should be able to complete it perfectly and quickly.

Games this is more or less similar to game the other is called Dumb Ways to Die. Are you interested in trying it out? Try downloading Ramadan challenge.

2. Virtual Muslim Life

virtual muslim life

One more game Ramadan that is quite unique is Virtual Muslim Life. In game In this case, you will be a Muslim who lives a life in the month of Ramadan which is very blessed.

Games Virtual Muslim Life has several missions in each level. The main mission of the game is mostly to do good, for example, helping others by giving charity.

You will also be taken to experience activities in this holy month such as breaking the fast with family and relatives and breaking the fast. Download Virtual Muslim Life on Google PlayStore.

3. Kolak Express 3

kolak express 3_

During the month of fasting, Indonesian people will usually choose kolak as a takjil menu to be enjoyed when breaking the fast. Enjoying kolak has become a habit in Indonesia.

You will turn into a compote seller at game Kolak Express 3 this. On game In this case, your job is to serve customers who buy kolak or other takjil. There is a daily income target that you must achieve. So that the price of food is higher, you can do it upgrade every type of food or drink sold.

Games this brings background the good one is the struggle of a couple who want to raise money to get married. They both ended up trying to sell kolak, special takjil for the month of Ramadhan.

4. Marbel Fast Adventure Game

Marbel Fast Adventure Game_

Marbel Fast Adventure Game is game Ramadan themed for kids. Inside gamethat, there are many levels to play.

Each level has its own mission. Some of them wake up after suhoor, brush their teeth, learn to read fasting prayers, and get ready to go to school in the month of Ramadan. Each level usually requires one extra star to play.

So, if in the previous level you had five stars, then you have to play that level again so that you can proceed to the next level.

Games It comes with visual and audio effects, as well as child-friendly music. The graphics quality is also good. Oh yes, there are also prayers in it, such as breaking prayer, witr prayer, and so on.

5. Islamic Quiz

Islamic intelligence_

Confused about what to do when? cycling? From is sleeping all day that makes you bored, give it a try game This Ramadan sharpens the brain. His name is Islamic Quiz. Definitely suitable as a game while waiting for iftar.

Islamic Quiz is game which has approximately 1000 questions on the theme of Islam. Games with this Islamic theme also has game interesting. Of course, you don’t just answer the various quizzes available.

Good thing, game It has another feature which is the Madrasah exam. In game There are trials, exams, and discussions. Not only that, you will also get a report card. It feels like being in school. Want to know? Download Islamic Quiz on Google PlayStore.

6. Guess the Ngabuburit Picture

guess the picture

You must be familiar with puzzle games, right? If you’ve heard of playing it, of course you won’t recognize it game This Ramadan.

Games This Ramadan-themed game has the same gameplay as guessing pictures in general, which is stringing pictures into words. The game has more than 150 levels. If you find it difficult to answer, there is a help feature that can make it easier for you.

This feature will make you complete the level easily. The main thing is game this is very exciting to play while waiting for break time. Come on Download Ngabuburit Shooter on Google PlayStore.

7. Learn to Cook Ramadan Fast

Learn to Cook Ramadan Fast_

Solite Kids is one of the local developers that launched game children. Apart from the Islamic Quiz, one game the best is Learn to Cook Ramadan Fast. You will be asked to help the owner of the restaurant.

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