15 Android games suitable for making friends with Ngabuburit

Confused about finding an activity to fill your time cycling? Playing games can be a great alternative to keep you company while you hang out. This game for cycling friends should be a relaxing game that can be entertaining.

Forget for a moment the tiring daily routine and relax by playing games. Because while waiting for the time to break the fast, you definitely need something that can make you relax.

Need a reference on some games that can be played while waiting for iftar time to arrive? Come on, see game suggestions for friends hanging out from Caris Signal below. This game can be played on Android.

1. I DO

HAGO is an app that combines social and casual needs. Here there are dozens of interesting games that can be used as cycling companions. Even HAGO had some games adapted from local games that were very popular at the time.

Apart from over 80 games, there is also a Live Battle (PVP) feature where players can take on exciting action against friends or other players. There is another Channel feature where players can build their own world on their Channel.

One of the most fun is making friends through voice chat, so the game is quite interactive. If you want to try HAGO, just download the game here.

2. Worm Zone

Worm Zone

If you want to play games while hanging out, try playing Worms Zone. As the name suggests, here the player acts as a worm that is always hungry. Therefore, here you have to eat continuously. If you don’t eat anything, you won’t gain anything and your worms will look skinny.

But watch out for other worms, OK? If you hit another worm, your worm will die and have to start over with 0 points. What’s interesting here is playing online. So you have to compete to get the most points with other players from all over the country. Dare to try? play here!

3. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

Ngabuburit playing together with friends must be a lot of fun. Therefore, here we recommend the game Garena Free Fire. This game is an online game where the player must survive to become the winner.

The game system is quite simple, Garena Free Fire only provides 10 minutes for 50 players to defend each other. You can kill each other players to stay alive.

In fact, as long as you are alive, you are equipped with a very capable weapon. Various types of guns, grenades, and other necessities to be able to attack other players. Interestingly, in Garena Free Fire you can do squad more than 4 players. As it is squad, of course survival is easier than you have to fight alone.

4. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MOBA games can also be a great choice for hanging out. The reason is, MOBA games like Mobile Legends are very fun and quite time-consuming, so you can forget about hunger and thirst for a while when playing Mobile Legends. The game system in Mobile Legends is simple, you just have to form a team of 5 people and then fight against other teams.

So, for 10 minutes, you and your team must be able to defeat the opposing team in any way possible. Uniquely, Mobile Legends has many characters hero which can be selected and adjusted accordingly skills each. You can do it too upgrade order hero the chosen one can be stronger. Interested in playing this online game? Can continue download game here.



Just like Garena Free Fire, in PUBG MOBILE will also invite you to survive and not be killed by other PUBG MOBILE players. To survive, PUBG MOBILE provides a variety of powerful weapons. As for several options of attacks and weapons can be done with shoot and beat

oh yes here also you can form a team with other PUBG MOBILE players. With a team, you can set a common strategy so you can live together.

So, for those who are interested in playing PUBG MOBILE, it feels like having to provide a very large capacity because this game will take 2GB capacity. Also, this game can only be played with Android phones that already support at least OS 5.1.1.

6. Life After

Life After

You can also try this rising game while hanging out. In Life Afterplayers will play games with concepts survival. The game tells that the world has been destroyed by a deadly virus that has spread throughout the country. The virus turns out to attack all living things and turn them into zombies.

Nothing can be saved, no medicine can stop the virus. That’s why, here you have to fight for your life so that you don’t get infected with a deadly virus. This way, you can pick up all kinds of supplies, equipment and weapons that are around. Survive with all the equipment!

7. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Hop Tiles

This is an editor’s choice music game that can be played offline, so it’s perfect for hanging out with friends without having to be connected to the internet. The game combines fast gameplay and high-quality musical rhythms such as drums, piano or guitar. Here the player will be invited to make as many jumps as possible to get a high score.

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