15 Best and Most Challenging Strategy Games on Android

Games not only strategy available on a PC, laptop, or device game another console. The reason is that the Play Store also now provides and provides various games game the most challenging strategy for you to play on Android style smartphones.

Games The strategy offered by PlayStore is also quite interesting. Games The following will be commented by the Caris Signal team this time, of course it is very interesting if played online online or offline.

About is there? game with the concept of imperial war? Are you curious? Come on, check out the following review about Caris Signal.

1. Doomsday: Last Survivor

Doomsday: Last Stand will lead you to a sea of ​​zombies ready to attack. Your main task is strategizing, just like building shelter, build barriers, and restore certain locations that have been damaged and worn out by the zombie apocalypse. In short, you must hold outhowever.

Calm down, during the fight, you will play Liam, accompanied by who survived others are ready to help. There’s Peggy, Cynthia, to Charlie who will also be hero and jump into the ‘war’ arena with you.

In game With this strategy, you don’t have to attack zombies manually. Just determine the attack strategy. Each hero have different fighting abilities.

Just an FYI, some characters come in game this reminds us of the inner character game Popular zombies. Cynthia, for example.

The stature, the way of dressing and even the face is similar to Jill Valentine from franchise Resident Evil. Meanwhile, Peggy reminds us of the main characters of The Walking Dead, including the beautiful girl Clementine.

visually, game this looks amazing for a game thematic strategy zombie apocalypse. Size gameit is quite large, almost 1 GB. We tried playing it on mid-range phones and gameit runs fine without left behind though.

2. South Park: Phone Destroyer

south park phone destroyer_

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a game Real time strategy (RTS). Of course the characters in this game are famous characters from South Park. Two of them are Stan and Kenny who will be your enemies.

You yourself will be in the cowboy team in the early stages of the game. Your job as a player is to strategize the fight by choosing hero on the correct card. One of them is Kyle assassin.

Oh yes, deep game In this case, you cannot play alone. To make it more interesting, try PvP mode and fight with other players. This mode will only open after you finish stage 4. Want to try playing? Download South Park: Phone Destroyer on Google Play Store.

3. Guns of Glory: Lost Island

Guns of Glory- Lost Island_

Guns of Glory: Lost Island will put you in the role of a long-imprisoned crown prince. He must take over his brother’s role in leading the kingdom. Your main task is to build a castle, defend the kingdom, an academy for soldiers, and find threatening enemies.

Develop the strength and defense of the kingdom, so that the enemy will fear and fear you more. However, keep in mind that your main enemy here is The Cardinal. Set the right strategy so you can defeat him.

Caris signal team trying to play game this is up to several people chap. Not only on game-its the one smooth and funwe also admire plots presented in this game. Download Guns of Glory: Lost Island on Google Play Store to start playing.

4. Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs zombies

Maybe many people are familiar with it game this one. Although it seems simple and straightforward, Plants vs. Zombies are one game quite a challenging strategy.

from game In this case, you need to set a strategy to place weapons in the form of plants to fight zombies so that they do not enter the garden.

It sounds simple but quite challenging and very addictive, can Not just placing plants, you will also face quite strong zombies. Each level will appear zombies that are getting stronger and harder to fight, you know Ready to conquer the zombies? Download from the Google Play Store.

5. Rise of the Kingdom: The Lost Crusade

kingdom rise_

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is game popular strategy. Evidenced by the huge number of downloads, reaching more than 50 million downloads on Android alone. In gameyou will be assigned as a governor.

You must be active to continue building the civilization, until the empire is successful, prosperous and of course strong.

Of the twelve existing civilizations, we tried to choose Britain (Great Britain) with his commander named Boudica.

At the beginning of the game, there will be a tutorial that you can follow. From here, we were asked to build a farmrecruit military soldiers, archers, even nomads who will scout (sailing around town).

With the existing tutorial, we can follow the course of the game without difficulty. Games it presents excellent visuals, accompanied by voice acting and the music is amazing too. The controls are also great, you can even do it zoom in out on the map easily.

Just additional info, gameit can also run smoothly on mid-range mobiles. Howare you interested in playing?



I want to feel the tension of the game game action? If so, you can’t miss it game PUBG MOBILE Strategy.

Yes, you can tell when you play game you must have the right strategy so that you don’t fall first. Because, in PUBG MOBILE you have to kill other players to win gamehe.

Then, you will be dropped at an unknown location. You will be provided with some weapons to survive, if the strategy is good, then you can survive till the end. But, if you can’t strategize well, maybe you can be killed by other players.

oh yes the weapons you carry at the start are minimal, so you have to be smart about finding or stealing other weapons. Try playing games with download on Google Play Store.

7. Card Thieves

Card Thief_

ever played game Solitaire on PC? Yes, Card Thief is one game well played strategy game solitaire. As you know, Solitaire is not game which is easy but not really game which is very difficult.

You need to find a way to sort the cards by number and color. As well as game Card Thief. You must have the right strategy to make the cards stacked. Your goal is to avoid all attacks.

You will always level up if you are able to complete them one by one and every time you level up there will be an advantage that the player can get. What are the advantages? Just playing gamehe with man-download Card Thief on the Google Play Store.

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