15 Best and Most Interesting Quiz Games on Android Phone

Maybe some of you are familiar with quizzes with billions of rupiah prizes called Millionaires? Or maybe the quiz show Family 100 also entertains you on the screen?

Well, all the quizzes that have ever been broadcast in Indonesia were used as inspiration to make a quiz game that is definitely fun and thrilling to play.

Concepts such as quiz games Family 100, Super Deal, and even Millionaire are targeted by the makers game to develop it into a game for HP Android. Exciting, can? Here is the list game quiz on Android!

1. QuizzLand

Want to hone your knowledge in various fields? Try playing QuizLand. Games This one quiz will give you the opportunity to choose the field you like. Later you will be taken to try playing the tutorial. After that, please join the real game.

Well, the quiz here consists of many levels. A level contains more than 5 questions. Of course the questions are based on the field you chose earlier. There are movies, culture, general knowledge, football, even math.

A level can include bonuses or multiple questions. Normally, a level like this will deliver reward which is more. Reward in game it’s a coin, right?

Oh yes, in the game, you can choose several modes. Like duel mode and mini game. Unfortunately, when we tried it, the duel mode with other players was still not available. As well as mini gamehe. The whole thing, game This quiz is very interesting and exciting. What makes us love QuizzLand more is the availability of Indonesian language options.

2. Pocket Picture Quiz

pocket picture quiz_

Pocket Picture Quiz is game artificial quiz developer Touch game. In game, you have to guess the name of the object that appears in the picture. Type your answer using the on-screen keyboard. If your answer is correct, the next level can be played.

Some of the pictures themselves are easy, some are hard to guess. for us, gameit really sharpens the brain. If there is confusion, there is guidance which players can use. It’s just the amount guidanceit is limited. you have to buy guidance extra using real money.

Games This brain teaser is very fun to play while relaxing. Unfortunately, we had trouble typing the answer because the keyboard position didn’t fit on the screen. There are no settings to change arrangementhim too. Hopefully in the future it can be fixed soon, yes.

3. Fad Kaesang Quiz

Kaesang Fun Quiz_

Next, there is the Kaesang Fad Quiz. This quiz involves the famous young character, Kaesang Pangarep in it. Kaesang will ‘guide’ you to answer questions.

Uniquely, this quiz has fun questions and is presented in a funny way. Well, for those of you who want to find entertainment while sharpening your intelligence, Quiz Kaesang Fad it is suitable for you to play.

4. Galloping In Melody – M. Kakoeng Studios

gallop in melody_

Games This one is inspired by an Indonesian legendary song puzzle quiz. Galloping In Melody released by M. Kakoeng Studios in 2018. Now, gameit has been downloaded by more than 10 thousand Android users.

In gameIn addition, there are two game modes for answering quizzes. There are guesses and field duels. In note guess mode, you have to guess the title of the song from the notes being played.

Now, while in tone battle mode, you can invite a friend or family member to compete to guess the title of the song playing for 10 seconds.

5. Guess Their Answers

guess their answer_

Guess Their Answers is game unique quiz. The reason is because you have to guess the answer from the audience behind you. They will answer questions the system asks and you have to guess.

The more viewers that come your way, the greater your chances of winning. One of the questions asked is about the logo or brand Sportswear. Have to guess one by one branduntil all the spectators stand behind you.

Each level has three rounds. And the score obtained will be multiplied in each round. You’ll be battling other Guess Their Answer players, you know. ready? Just try the game.

6. Annoying Quiz Games

quiz game_

As the name suggests, game This quiz is really annoying. Yes, how could I not? You will be asked some questions whose answers are irrelevant, but funny. In the early stages, we had difficulty answering these quiz questions.

Some questions are often used as daily jokes, you know. However, there are some that are very difficult to predict. So, we have to watch ads to earn guidance answer.

Oh yes, if confused, you can skip certain questions. Again, if you want to skip the questions, you have to watch the ad first. Unfortunately, if your score is still blank, options skip Ads may not be used. So, make sure you have a lot of marks first, OK? If you want to know, go ahead Download Crazy Quiz Game Makes You Angry on Google PlayStore.

7. Indonesian Family100 Quiz – LOCAL GAMEDEV

GAMEDEV_ LOCAL 100 quiz families

Games it also comes from developer which is the same as Quiz Millionaire Indonesia Pro which is LOCAL GAMEDEV.

Games This quiz is based on one of the popular quiz shows on Indonesian TV with the same name. There are more than 10 game levels that you can complete. What’s fun is that you can play this quiz game offline or online. Download Family100 Indonesia Quiz on Google PlayStore.

8. Muslim millionaires

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