15 Best and Most Interesting Santa Claus Games on Android

In the run-up to Christmas, a variety of the best Christmas apps have probably filled your smartphone. Christmas is synonymous with Santa Claus. This legendary figure has already become trademark at every Christmas celebration from year to year.

This fat man with a white beard who usually wears red clothes is described as a character who likes to distribute gifts to children. No wonder Santa Claus is an idol figure for everyone.

Here Caris Signal will recommend some game the most interesting santa claus to play. Come oncelebrate Christmas by playing game the following exclamation.

1. Snow Farm – The story of Santa’s family

Games This Santa Claus is really fun to play. You have to help Santa and his wife to deliver gifts to the children of the world. Grow wool, chocolate and make candy in your own garden and factory.

Once done, you can harvest your crops. Then, give Santa the task of delivering his presents on a sleigh. Not only planting materials for gifts, in this game, you will also be given special missions. For example, like clearing a pile of snowballs.

Well, you need to make a mound of these snowballs later to become a snowman. This snowman you have to decorate using hats and trinkets. But, everything is not free. you have to do barter goods to get a snowman decoration.

Games this one comes with a simple visual. however, jingle Christmas sounds throughout the game. Just by playing, you can already feel incredible joy. Download Farm Snow – Santa’s Family Story on Google PlayStore.

2. Christmas Cookies: Match 3 Games

christmas cookies -side_

As the name suggests, Christmas Cookies: Match 3 Game is game Riddle Christmas themed. There will be Santa accompanying you to complete level after level of the game match 3 this. Match 3 that in itself is a one game match items by items another.

Well, if deep game Today, you have to match the decorations or ornaments of the Christmas tree, or the cookies that look delicious. Match each one items with his ‘twin’. In each level, you will be given the opportunity to play 20 times. Relax, there is booster and also items power which you can use to solve it Riddle which is difficult

Games it consists of many levels. And each level is in a different location. You will be given ‘lives’ to play every day. Unfortunately, there are only 5 of them. Therefore, collect reward and win more levels to get bonus lives.

3. Christmas Bingo: Santa’s Gift

christmas bingo_

Want to try a fun game of Bingo? Try it Christmas Bingo: Santa’s Gift. In game In this case, you just need to match the number on your card. Match the number with the specified number. If you manage to get a matching pattern of numbers, press the “Bingo” button to end the game.

you will get reward coins and exp. Christmas Bingo provides Bingo games from 1 card to 4 cards. Gamesit’s free to download, but displays ads. There are in-app purchases as well.

4. Santa Hippo: Christmas Eve

christmas eve hippo_

If game This one is perfect for kids to play. Inside gamehim, they will learn to decorate various Christmas gifts. One of them is a doll with ribbons and cute Christmas accessories.

Children will be able to explore many activities and mini game pull in workshop Santa for Hippo. There is also time for them to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree. Don’t worry, children can follow the pattern or design shown on the screen. Or, they can also decorate and decorate objects with items own choice.

Although it is fun, there are a lot of ads that appear in it game this. In fact, when we tried it, ads could appear in every click. Only, this is understandable considering game this is free. Download Santa Hippo: Christmas Eve on Google PlayStore.

5. My Santa Claus

my santa claus 1 side_

My Santa Claus game is also suitable for little ones. Their main task is to treat love Santa to adulthood. You and the kids have to feed him, bathe him, accompany him to bed, choose and buy cute clothes.

Not only that, in this game, you can also invite the little one to try something different mini game. One of the games available is Tic Tac Toe. Want to decorate the Christmas tree with gifts and ornaments? Yes! You can also paint Christmas decorations with different colors.

My Santa Claus is a game A very complete Santa Claus. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ads that pop up. And for us, the ads are quite annoying. However, if you are curious, please download it My Santa Claus to play it.

6. Little Santa’s Christmas Escape

christmas escape little santa_

Little Santa’s Christmas Escape is game Riddle themed Christmas and Santa Claus. Well, unique game this brings the story of a human child who eventually becomes Little Santa. It should help people and collect gifts for them.

Now your job as a player is to find items which is lost, then return it items it’s in place. Each level has its own mission and difficulty level.

If you are confused, you can open it guidance or pass the level by paying with coins. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get coins game this. In fact, if you have stuckyou need to buy coins with real money.

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