15 Best and Most Interesting Sniper Games on Android Phone

Games shooting has never gone out of date. Until now game sharpshooter still an idol. A number game sharpshooter popular and known as game online the best are Counter Strike and Point Blank.

however, game sharpshooter not necessarily in form game online on the PC. The reason is, you can play game similar on your Android device.

So, here Caris Signal team will review some game sharpshooter the best you can play on Android devices. Not only available onlinethere are also some offline games that can be played on Android smartphones or tablets.

1. Sniper’s Fury

Games This FPS battle is really amazing. In addition to being free to download, Sniper Fury also offers an HD display with pretty awesome 3D graphics.

There are 130 missions that must be completed when you play game this. You can collect and choose your own modern weapons to use while playing Sniper’s Fury.

Not only that, game this is made more interesting as it provides a PvP challenge multiplayer. You can steal weapons from other players to break their defenses. Then, get up squad strong enough to secure your loot.

2. Hitman: Sniper

assassin sniper

Hitman: Sniper is game which developed from the big screen film Agent 47 Hitman. Feel the experience of being silent killer inside game this. Hone your skills and arrange the perfect kill for your target.

To make all that happen, players will be equipped with 16 very unique modern weapons. One thing that makes Hitman: Sniper more fun is that it exists leaderboard which keeps you motivated to improve your score to become the best “killer” against other players around the world.

Games the best sniper shooter developed by SQUARE ENIX Ltd. this managed to get assessment good at the toy store. Additionally, there is also a game mode where you have to protect NPCs from incoming zombies. Download it on the Google Play Store.

3. Sniper Zombies: Offline Game

sniper zombies

Zombie games are always able to interest anyone. because, game zombies execute sense of life so that the player can survive the zombie attack that never stops.

As in game Sniper Zombies, for example. Here you can eliminate the zombies that come with you sharpshooter. These zombies really need to be defeated so that your friends can find items such as food and supply others safely.

There are many such weapons sharpshooter and shotgun which can be-unlock during the game. And also, this game can be played without an internet connection, you know! Be it survival expert in this post apocalypse game. come on, download the game on the Google Play Store.

4. 3D Sniper Gun Shooter

3D Sniper Gun Shooter

Let’s have fun together 3D Sniper Gun Shooter. This is game sharpshooter which is fun and can make you addicted.

Be the best shooter and fight in the global war against crime. Games It offers features in the form of realistic 3D graphics and animations that are quite impressive.

In addition, there are hundreds of thrilling missions that challenge you to complete. Internal control game it is very simple and intuitive. Your task is to clear 13 cities that have been occupied by terrorists.

5. Pure sniper


Pure sniper you can say it has a mechanism game like Sniper 3D. Here, you will play the role of sharpshooter with various challenging missions. Name it like eliminating bank robbers, mass shootings, rescuing hostages and shooting helicopter pilots.

Of course, you are here to cooperate with the police. Pure Sniper will put you in several people map different Well, the Caris Signal team started with the first location which is Los Angeles.

If you have completed some missions, you will be faced with a mod hunting and also boss. Fashion only bossyou have to end the life of a high class criminal.

Every time you will run a new mission, the weapon used must be updated first. Of course the number of free weapon options is limited. So, the only option is that. However, if you don’t mind, feel free to use real money to buy weapons.

6. Modern Sniper

modern sniper

You would definitely agree if Modern Sniper is on the list game sharpshooter the best Games This one shot has HD quality 3D graphics that look very realistic.

As a player, you will be taken to an area with a high crime rate. However, your quest to shoot your opponent is not as easy as you think.

The reason is, there are dangerous attacks and assassins that can kill you silently. Your task as a player is to complete the 50 challenges contained within Modern sniper. Games this can be played online offlineyou know

7. AWP Mode: Online Sniper Action

awp mode_

AWP Mod: Online Sniper Action is game sharpshooter Android that can be played online. Games This PvP will take you into an intense battle, where you have to finish off groups of enemies one by one using the weapons you have.

Of course, all opponents and your team sharpshooter. So use your best long range shooting skills.

As long as we tried, the game ran smoothly. Every character can spawn again return after losing a life, during the game. So that it’s more intense, don’t forget upgrade your weapon. Take it anyway reward which you get from each completed mission.

Graphic display game It’s not that cool, but that’s okay. Caris Signal Team remains enjoy it play AWP Mod: Online Sniper Action.

8. Bullet Power

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