15 Best and Most Interesting Zombie Games on Android

In recent years, the zombie theme seems to be very popular among people. This is evident from the many movies, books and games that carry the theme of this terrifying creature that likes to attack and eat human brains.

In this world game Zombies themselves are not foreign anymore. Since the advent of consoles gamealready a lot game zombies made by para developerstarting from game Resident Evil to the incredible Plants vs Zombies. All kinds of things game available on various platforms, such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, to Android.

So, on this occasion the Caris Signal team will review it game the best zombies you can play on android device. These various games carry a variety of themes, from the classic theme of killing zombies, to themes that set us up to become zombies and eat humans.

1. Dead Effect 2

The Dead Effect series is game a shootout that should not be taken lightly. Dead Effect 2 brings excellent graphics quality. Your role in game this shoot down hordes of zombies, monsters, and all kinds of creatures sci-fi another.

Games it contains RPG game elements that allow you to perform upgrade, level up, and develop your character so that you can fully fight this terrible creature. You have 100 implants to improve your character and more than 40 types of weapons to fight zombies.

2. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

The Walking Dead No Man's Land

television series in the United States, Dea Walksd, much loved. In fact, many Indonesians follow this very successful television series. No wonder the TV series was adopted into a series game named The Walking Dead No Man’s Land.

This is game tactical strategy with RPG and adventure elements. You will act as a character who must attack zombies to survive. With an RPG twist, you canupgrade and develop your team to be able to fight zombies completely. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is game The best Android zombies you should try.

3. DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter

DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Zombie Survival Shooter

If you consider graphics game Into the Dead is already very good, so you will find better game DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter. from, game This presents the graphic display as a major advantage gamehe.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter doesn’t just become game with the best graphics among game zombies, but also for variety game Other Androids. Games it is able to present textures, animations and other graphic elements that make it seem like you are playing game FPS on console devices.

In game Here you can explore 10 regions located in different parts of the world. Out of those 10 areas, there are 35 different environments you have to deal with, from cities, mountains, to wilderness.

To accompany you in destroying zombies, there are 37 types of weapons that you can choose and use. Interestingly, you can also participate in special tournaments if you are able to use these various weapons skillfully.

Because of the excellent graphic display, it is automatic game this requires a large specification. So, make sure the specifications smart phone Your Android is powerful enough to run it for free left behind and performance degradation.

4. Kill the Shot Virus

kill shot virus

As game zombie FPS, Kill the Shot Virus enough to offer game which is addictive. Complete armament and can be upgraded allowing the player to experiment with the best way to eliminate zombies, according to the player’s skills and preferences.

Not only offering missions to kill zombies, players can also participate in other missions, such as protecting the lives of survivors from zombie attacks. Not only kill zombies using assault rifleplayers can also kill opponents from a distance using sharpshooter.

Virus Kill Shot also features several types of zombies with different strengths, so players have to constantly change strategies, making the game never boring.

5. To the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is game The best zombies continue from the first version. Of course there are differences between the first version and the second version. Into the Dead 2 has more complete features with more challenging adventures and battles than the first version.

In the game, Into the Dead 2 has storyline which varies depending on the player. It doesn’t stop there, even Into the Dead 2 is ready with 7 chapters and 60 level that you can conquer.

More weapons and tools powerful and more complete. So, you want to play it? Download the game directly on Google PlayStore.



New York is facing zombie apocalypse where all citizens are infected with a dangerous virus.

A virus that spreads in New York turns its citizens into zombies. This is the time for players to act as one of the special characters to join the special team. This special team will deal with zombies and find out about this dangerous virus.

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