15 Best and Most Popular Android Online Games in the World

Android is a repository game quality. Almost all types game you can find on Android, from puzzle games to adventure games. All kinds of things game it presents a very interesting and challenging game.

The game methods presented are also very diverse. If before we could only play game alone in cell phoneso now we can play together with other players around the world.

from, game online has now become game most popular on Android. Games online this will connect us with millions of other players around the world. We can compare scores, compete one-on-one, or compete with many players at once in a game game.

So, this time the Caris Signal team will check the list game The most popular online Android in the world that you can try to play now. All kinds of things game this presents game and genres various, ranging from game strategy up game simulation.

1. Garena Undawn

It can be said that, Garena Undawn is one of game online and game themed zombies apocalypse the best on Android. How not, this MMORPG game presents an amazing visual appearance for a game game in the class.

Besides, game this too open world, so you can explore as you wish. Of course, unnecessarily stuck in one place only. The missions in Garena Undawn are also interesting, exciting and challenging.

In the game, you will act as who survived who joined the band The Raven. From here, the mission to destroy zombies begins.

The Caris signal team was not only impressed with the visuals on offer, but also the mechanics game, control and concept. Garena Undawn brings a realistic example of how difficult it is to survive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

You as a player must also think about the physical and mental health of the character. Don’t forget to feed them and drink, and get enough sleep. Also try to keep the body clean of the character you play.

There are still many interesting things to explore in Garena Undawn. For that, we suggest you try it game– his own. Be careful playing addiction, yes.

2. FIFA Mobile

fifa mobile_

FIFA Mobile is one of game popular online on Android. From the name alone it can be known that this is game football, yes. Games this is one game the best soccer on Android. FIFA Mobile comes with good visuals and controls, of course. Here, you not only act as a team manager, but also go directly and play.

In FIFA Mobile, you will be faced with certain missions. For example, the ending skill gametrain players, to follow and win matches with opponents.

Of course, every mission is there reward alone different from others rewardit’s a coin. With these coins, you can pay player training fees and other things game. If you are still confused about how to play, you don’t have to worry because at the beginning there will be a tutorial.

Not just completing missions or following eventFrom game You can invite friends or other players to compete, you know. Want to try? Play FIFA Mobile directly on your mobile phone.

3. MORTAL KOMBAT: Fighting Game

mortal kombat_

Games this one will make you nostalgic, especially if you’re a 90s kid. Yes, MORTAL KOMBAT, game fight You can now play this legendary game on your Android phone. Characters like Sub-Zero, Shirai Ryu and Oni will bring you into the game fight adrenaline.

In this game, there are several modes that you can try. One of them is battle mode. In this mode, you will fight with a team, against an AI with the same number of team members. If you don’t want to play with the computer, you can try the mod multiplayerwhere you can fight players others online.

Also complete the missions in search mode to get more reward. Every day, there will be trial which you must complete as well.

In terms of controls, MORTAL KOMBAT offers convenience for players. you just have to do tapping on the screen to attack the opponent. While playing, don’t forget to replace your main character with other characters so that you don’t run out of energy.

As we know, MORTAL KOMBAT involves the place where it happened death where players can use their ultimate moves. the place where it happened this is what will display a graphic visual, such as a heart, or a crushed head. We actually played game this is always normal with his presence the place where it happened this.

However, for those of you who try it for the first time, you may feel shocked or disgusted. Therefore, MORTAL COMBAT it is recommended to be played by those of you who are 18 years old and above.

4. Modern Warships

modern battleship_

Modern Warships are game action and the best war for Android. Games this allows you to experience the thrilling sensation of war in the middle of the vast ocean.

You will fight with sophisticated warships, and weapons that are also capable. Not only warships, in this game you can also control other vehicles, one of which is a helicopter.

Not only alone, you can also try to play game this online with other friends. Interested to try game with this realistic visual? Download Modern Warships on Google Play Store.

5. Lamar – Idle Vlogger

ask vlogger_

This is game which is very easy to play, yet addictive. Applying Idle Vlogger is a game clicker. Here, you have to help a young man named Lamar become successful. Lamar owed money to a friend, and the bank even turned down his loan.

Finally, he decided to borrow Harry’s cell phone, his friend. From here, Lamar became one vlogger. Well, you have to help Lamar earn a lot of money from his channel.

way, upgrade camera, clothes, car, to your house. The more money he gets, the faster and more successful Lamar is. He can renovate his house for good, and also pay off his debts in full.

after doingupgrade itemsjust press and hold on the area items which has been updated earlier. For example, a house. Well, harvesting money can be done by tapping on Lamar’s house on the screen. Do the same until Lamar gets more viewers, customerand of course a lot of money.

Games This one is free to play. Therefore, there are some ads that appear during game run away please download Lamar – Idle Vlogger on Google Play Store if you want to know.

6. Stumbling Man

tripped friend_

If on PC there is Fall Guys, on Android you can try Stumbling Man. Gamesit’s similar to Fall Guys. You have to complete the mission by running or jumping over various obstacles Pivot Rush, Super Slide or maybe Fall Tiles. Of course, you won’t be playing alone, there are dozens of other players who will take part in the first round.

If you manage to clear the obstacles in these various places, you will qualify for the next round and fight the players who escaped with you. The main mission game this is the only player who wins the game. But don’t worry, even if you fail in the second round, you will get a trophy and exp Also.

Speaking of control, game it depends on the two buttons on the left and right. On the right is the jump button, and on the left is the direction button. Stumble Guys is very easy to play and quite addictive. Suitable for playing when bored.

7. Find Aliens 2

look for aliens 2_

In game In this case, you will help The Boss to find aliens in various places. In the early stages, you are transported to prehistoric times. Here, you have to figure out which ones are real humans and which ones are aliens.

use scanner that you bring to scan their bodies. If one or more of them are aliens, shoot them with the weapon you carry.

As you level up, you’ll discover new gems and weapons. So, this new weapon will help you fight stronger enemies, like alien kings.

Just like Lamar – Idle Vlogger, this game simple but true do it collect Find Aliens 2 comes with a not so special 3D visual. But still gamefor us stuck and enjoy staring at the screen.

sadly, game it contains a lot of ads. In fact, every time a level is completed, an ad will appear. Or, when you want to claim reward, you should also watch the ad first. However, for those of you who don’t mind, these ads can be removed by paying a fee.

8. Mobile Legends

mobile legend top_

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