15 Best and Most Popular Christmas Themed Games on Android

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, there are various preparations you need to make. Starting from shopping for Christmas gifts, making Christmas dishes, to decorating the house. You need the best Christmas app that is ready to help with all your needs in taking care of Christmas preparations.

However, in between making Christmas preparations you can refreshing for a while by playing some game Christmas themed. Here are the recommendations.

1. Delicious – Christmas Carol

Delicious – Christmas Carol is one of game from the Delicious World cooking game series. In game In this case, you will help Emily O’Malley to serve her customers in the cafe. In the atmosphere of Christmas and snow, many customers come. Not only ordering food, but also a scarf to keep warm.

Emily needs to serve food as quickly and accurately as possible to keep her customers happy. There is no need to get confused, because at the beginning of the game there will be a tutorial that will help you understand the controls and how to play better gamehe.

cool, game The story is filled with storylines from the everyday life of Emily’s family, especially when Christmas comes around. What’s more, Emily and her family also meet Santa Claus, who often gives presents surprise on their children.

The whole thing, game it is very entertaining and fun. There are many levels of the game that you can complete, you know. Want to try?

2. Pinkfong’s Christmas Fun

christmas fun pinkfong_

Pinkfong’s Christmas fun is game Christmas is developed and produced by The Pinkfong Company. Games This is one of the series of Pinkfong games. Of course, gameit is designed for children aged 3 years and above. And, game this is one of the best on Google PlayStore.

When the Caris signal team tries, there are three Christmas carols accessible inside game. One of them is a song Jingle Bells. Kids are guaranteed to love the color display bright and enthusiastic, as well as interesting animations. They can even sing along to the song, thanks to the lyrics displayed on the screen.

After the song ends, game this will take you to the next song. Or, you can go back to the main page and invite the kids to play game easy interactive. One of them is to clear snow dew from a snow Ball.

Unfortunately, not all game and Christmas carols can be accessed for free. You have to pay around IDR 149,000 for the premium version and downloadunlock all features.

3. Candy Christmas Match 3

christmas candy 2-side_

Candy Christmas Match 3 is game matches like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled. Just like the name, game This one is also Christmas themed. You have to collect one by one the usual Christmas candies.

Match the same candies to each other. Slide the candies on the board from right to left, top to bottom or vice versa. Combine as many as five candies to get booster.

Each game, you are only given less than 20 chances to match the candies. And every day, there are approximately 20 ‘lives’ that will be given to you. The game has quite a lot of levels. And the higher the level, the harder the challenge.

Candy Christmas Match 3 is free to play. Therefore, there are ads that appear in it. However, according to the Caris Signal team, the ads are not that intrusive.

4. Christmas Pony Sisters

pony sisters christmas_

Christmas Pony Sisters also game Christmas themed for kids. Gamesit is released by TutoTOONS which often produces educational games. Pony Sisters Christmas has several types mini game which can be played by the little one.

Examples include decorating the Christmas tree and fireplace, feeding the foal, playing Christmas carols on the piano and choosing the best outfit for the foal’s Christmas celebration.

When the Caris signal team tried this game, there were only a few mini game which can be played. If you level up, there will be other bonus games such as drafting Riddle. To be able to open all gameyou need to spend Rp 50,000.

5. Christmas Fever – Cooking Game

christmas fever_

Christmas Fever – Cooking Game will put you in charge of a restaurant. In this restaurant you will serve customers. Make them bread with variety toppings, or fresh and delicious juice. Don’t forget to continue serving them quickly and accurately. Otherwise, the customer will be angry.

Each level has a different target. Either get coins or keys to unlock the next level. So you can get more coins, please upgrade the equipment in the kitchen, yes.

Christmas Fever – Cooking Game is free to play. Games it has good visuals and sound effects. Want to try? please download Christmas Fever – Cooking Game on Google PlayStore.

6. Christmas coloring

christmas coloring 1-side_

Christmas Coloring is game coloring on Google PlayStore. Of course, the objects you have to color are related to the Christmas holiday. One of them is Santa Claus. You can color the object however you like, you know. What’s more, Christmas Coloring has paint options with many color palettes.

If you don’t want to color an existing object, you can select blank paper to start from scratch, yes. When finished, the image can be saved directly to the HP gallery. Download Christmas Coloring on Google PlayStore.

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