15 Best and Scariest Ghost Games on Android

Want to play a game adrenaline? Want a thrilling game? It’s not just motorcycle racing games or drag bike games that make your heart beat faster, but this time game a ghost that will be ready to stimulate the adrenaline of anyone who plays it. All kinds of things game ghosts with various concepts available on PlayStore.

For those of you who are fans of mystical and horror, of course you should try 15 game the scariest and most suspenseful ghost on Android.

About anywhere game the scariest ghost? Is it a game with a haunted house setting? All the answers will be commented by the Carisinyal team in the following article. Sokeep reading the article until the end!

1. Garden of Death

Games Garden of Death will ‘terrorize’ you with its horror. Inside game here, you have to save yourself from the fear of crazy and evil clowns. You will explore a garden called the Garden of Death, as well as a spooky haunted house.

Don’t let the evil clown find you. Keep fighting to collect the puzzles to unravel the mystery that is right before your eyes. If interested in playing game here, don’t forget to use it ear phone or headphonefrom.

2. Evil Nun 2: Origins Scary

evil nun 2_

True to its name, a ghost figure in game this is an evil nun named Madeline. Previously, Madeline haunted a school in the game Evil Nun: Horror At School.

Now, Madeline is back to wreak havoc. You must save yourself from Madeline while learning about her past.

Unfortunately, your journey will not be easy because the scary monsters who are Madeline’s ‘friends’ may also terrorize you. Download Evil Nun: Scary Origins game on Google PlayStore.

3. Ghost: Survival Horror

Ghost- Horror of Life _

Ghost: Survival Horror is game ghost fun is released in 2021. Games it tells about the escape of survivors from an old abandoned hospital.

The survivors were initially unaware that the hospital was no longer in operation. They were instead treated there for two weeks. Until one day, the main character (your role) wakes up to find the hospital in disrepair and dirty.

you can play game this is with online friends. Players can choose their role; become a ghost or become who survived who want to save themselves from the terrible violence in the hospital. curious about game this ghost?

4. Endless Nightmare 1: Horror Game

endless nightmare 1_

Endless Nightmare 1: Horror Game contains the story of James, a police officer who must solve the mystery of his family’s murder. You will play as James and go around the house to solve the murder puzzle.

However, on his journey, James is faced with a terrifying female ghost. You can help James to create the ultimate weapon to fight ghosts. If he had no chance to attack, James would have to find a safe hiding place.

Games it doesn’t just offer passing horror plots just. You will hear scary music and sound effects while playing it. In addition, a good graphic display will add a sensation of horror in the game.

Help James complete his deep mission game Endless Nightmare 1: Horror Game with Download the game via Google PlayStore.

5. Points – Horror Games

Eyes - Horror Game

Suspenseful, heart-pounding and shocking, perhaps the words can describe the horror presented by game by Paulina Pabis & MichaƂ Pabis.

Games they named or called Eyes – The Horror Game. Games horror or haunted has been downloaded more than 300,000 times on PlayStore.

Comment or assessment what is given is quite good where almost all mention it game this is really scary.

Inside gamethat, the player will be invited to visit the haunted house. Yes, the aura and animation offered can be said to be quite gripping and make hairs stand on end. You need to collect something valuable and be careful with anything that appears, what is it? Play games through Google PlayStore.

6. The Fear : House of Creepy Screams

Fear: House of Creepy Screams

One day there was a couple who originally lived happily. However, for the past two months, his wife has had an attitude that is far from normal. Likes to hurt himself and does not hesitate to hurt others.

Finally the husband decided to send his wife, Marta, to a mental hospital. Finally, it was discovered that Marta had a mental illness for which there was no cure.

Mike, that’s what her husband calls her or more precisely now is Marta’s ex-husband, remarried and very happy with his new family.

However, for days he always dreamed of Marta and was even scared by Marta. Mike must find out what happened, he returns to his ex’s house and discovers mysterious things there. Check the story connection with Download this game on Google PlayStore.

7. Grandma 3

grandmother 3_

It seems that no one does not know game Scary grandma, right? developer game The ghost is released again Grandma 3 in 2021.

You will be at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Of course, your task is to escape from them without being noticed. Never make noise while looking for a way out, or Grandma and Grandpa might come to finish you off.

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