15 Best Android Games Made in Indonesia in 2023

Who said if game made by Indonesian children is not that exciting game developed by an international developer? There are so many game made in Indonesia which is very global. For example, DreadOut, a survival horror video game from Indonesia, was played by PewDiePie, one of them game player famous from Sweden.

In addition to DreadOut, there are still some games from Indonesia that are very interesting and interesting to play. So, this time Caris Signal has summarized the list game Android made in Indonesia that you must try one by one. Come onsee the full list here!

1. Bus Simulator Indonesia

If you like to play game simulation, maybe you can try playing it game Indonesian Bus Simulator. As the name suggests, game this will make the player a bus driver.

But the unique thing is that you will drive a bus in Indonesia. Actually every bus you drive has a horn that has gone viral which is “Om Telolet Om!”

In addition to a variety of bus options, Bus Simulator Indonesia also provides challenges in the form of routes that the driver must travel.

So, the route you will find will definitely feel very familiar, because the route is adapted to bus routes in Indonesia as well. you know Want to play?

2. Another Dimension Serena

another dimension serena_

Another Dimension Serena is game Indonesian horror arcade. Games released by Arcadesindo Games contains the story of a girl trapped in another dimension. The girl’s name is Serena. The ghost felt a grudge against this girl.

In the beginning, you will go on an adventure with Serena at school. Here, Serena’s teachers and friends turn into ghosts and Serena has to fight them.

Of course, you will be given a separate mission. The first mission is to find jenglot. Second mission, search spirit doll. The higher the level, the more difficult your mission will be. Oh yes, you have to save Serena’s friends who were kidnapped by ghosts too.

Use special weapons like Thor’s hammer. Weapons like these you can get by watching ads. In fact, you don’t have to be afraid to face difficulties with missions. The reason, because game it presents guidance which can also be accessed after watching an ad.

Another Dimension Serena uses a form of control joystick with different functions. you to attack, run, take items, etc. Visuals from game it’s simple, but the music and sound effects add to the creepy atmosphere. Oh yes, you can choose one of four game levels. The levels are more common, indigo, old and extreme. Dare to play?

3. Mini Racing Adventure

mini racing adventure

Games car racing on Android may be common. What if this time you play game racing ATVs, dirt bikes, or even trucks? Well, Mini Racing Adventures will give you the experience of racing with these vehicles.

Inside game In this case, players will help Martin Nitro Minimo Alis MnM to hold the record as the rider with the longest distance.

However, this is not as easy as you think because Martin must face his rival, Omini Speedario, who is always trying to catch Martin’s record. Racing Mini Adventure offers an online game mode so you can compete with your friends.

4. Motorcycle taxi driver

Taxi drivers

Ojek is one of the necessary transportation in Indonesia, and Ojek is also used as an inspiration to make a game, its name Taxi drivers. In this game, you are not used as a motorcycle taxi driver, but the boss of a motorcycle taxi driver.

So, here you are responsible for managing the existing management in the motorcycle taxi company. In addition, you also need to ensure that the ojek driver is always under supervision and ensure that the customer is satisfied. Later you can also open branches in various cities in Indonesia.

5. Mirror – Defense Tower

Diponegoro - Defense Tower

As Indonesians, of course we are very familiar with Prince Diponegoro. The national hero whose figure is emblazoned on the five thousand rupiah banknote is a very influential hero in resisting Dutch colonialism.

Well, Diponegoro – Tower Defense is a game where Prince Diponegoro will fight against the enemy, the colonists.

Your task is to improve your skills and complete the missions of the character of Prince Diponegoro. There are about 26 levels contained in it game Android made in Indonesia. Are you ready to start the fight to help our hero enter Diponegoro – Defense Tower this?

6. Lokapala


Indonesia also has interesting MOBA games inspired by Indonesian mythological stories. His name is Lokapala. Games it is developed by Anantarupa Studios and launched by Melon Indonesia Games in 2020.

Lokapala contains 5v5 gameplay with intense battles between players against their enemies.

Of course you can invite friends or family to try this game together and win the battle. Moreover, to win the battle game Lokapala, You need teamwork excellent Interested to try game e-sports Made in Indonesia?

7. Citampi Story: Love & Life


Citampi story is game Another RPG made in Indonesia that you can try to play. You can say this game is similar to the classic game, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. You will enter a village called Citampi to start a new life.

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