15 Best Bike Racing Games for Android Smartphones

There are many bike racing games that you can play on mobile devices. sadly game Races using bicycles are still rarely in demand. The popularity of car racing games or motorcycle racing games makes it typical game bicycle racing is becoming less attractive or less popular.

In fact, there are many game Bicycle racing is quite interesting and worth playing, especially for those of you who like cycling or are fond of bicycle racing. Here is the list.

1. Bicycle Clash

Bike Clash is game An exciting mountain bike race. In the early stages, you will participate in 1vs1 races with other players. Your opponent is randomly selected, yes.

In the first league, you are faced with a fairly difficult bike track. The road is steep and winding. Fortunately, Bike Clash has simple controls. All you have to do is press the ‘R’ button if you’re out of line.

If you win, you will be awarded with coins combined from both players. The first league itself only costs 50 shillings. If it’s good, you can progress to the next league, with more challenging tracks.

Bike Clash has event fun to follow. One of them is The Longest Jump. In event In this, you have to break the highest jump record with your favorite bike. The first trial event it’s free, really. If you want to join again, you have to pay with real money.

To make it more stable, the performance of your bike can be improved. make upgrade bike so you can defend your championship title. Want to try this one out? Download Bike Clash on Google PlayStore.

2. BMX Cycle Stunt Game

bmx cycle action game_

I want to be an athlete action best BMX bike? Try playing BMX Cycle Stunt Game. In this game, you will encounter several modes. One of them is fashion career. Here, there are many map which can be explored. one mapit contains more than 30 game levels. each map will be unlocked when you have completed certain levels.

When nation starts, only you are in the arena. Do interesting tricks so that you can get a lot of points. Use the two controls on the right and left side of the screen to initiate the action.

In the arena nation there are several obstacles to overcome. Examples are three balls, cardboard, pins bowling, until the helicopter crashed. Finished nationyou can continue the game and try the next level.

from game this, you can try playing in race mode as well. Of course, later you won’t be alone anymore. There will be opponents who make their way nation increasingly challenging.

BMX Cycle Stunt Game has a great collection of bikes as well. However, you have to watch ads or pay real money to unlock itemshis. If the coins have been collected, buy new cyclists so that the performance in the racing arena will be better. Download BMX Cycle Stunt Game on Google PlayStore to start playing.

3. Bicycle rush

bike rush_

Games This bike racing is very easy. Your main goal in playing is to collect as many coins as possible, and become the champion. You will race on the highway with AI. However, in duel mode your opponent is a fellow player.

If you want to play with the AI, just press anywhere on the screen while opening the main menu. So, tap screen to move the bike. Don’t let your character fall, OK? If it happens, you must repeat it nation from the beginning. Conquer all obstacles and earn lots of coins.

This game can be downloaded for free, that’s why there are a lot of ads in it. For the Caris Signal team, the ad is quite annoying. Unfortunately, no option was found to remove ads. The whole thing, game this one is still fun to play, especially if you want to beat the boredom. Download Bike Rush on Google PlayStore.

4. Riding 3D Extreme

Extreme 3D Riding _

Just like the name, game This bike race has extreme tracks. You will face your opponent in the desert, places with snowstorm, heavy rain, in the forest, etc. Not only racing, you also have to eliminate opponents by crashing into them.

Control game this is very very simple, only necessary tap in that part of the screen, your bike is already running. Try to be the first winner of each race. That way, you will get more coins and can do it upgrade the bike is faster.

Also, being the first champion will also get you to try new tracks. Different tracks, different amount of opponents. From just a dozen, you will soon be facing hundreds of people. he exclaimed, deeply game this is also there boss fight. Win races and get unique and rare bikes.

The game is free, but has ads in it. If interested in getting items cool, there is a VIP subscription package with a rate of Rp 70,000 per week. Download Riding Extreme 3D on Google PlayStore.

5. Super Bike Race

Super Bike Race _

This Super Bike Race is really hard to beat. You have to win the race in just 30 seconds. Indeed, a moment nation there is a time bonus to be had. But, it’s still hard to get to the line done. Games This one is perfect for those of you who like a challenge.

Oh yes, Super Bicycle Racing has a main character inspired from an Indian cartoon. Games it offers several different tracks. One of them is the City of Vedas. Each track presents several stages that can be tested.

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