15 Best Car Racing Games on Android Most Exciting

Games Race is a category game the most favorite from time to time. From then until now, game This race is already favored especially by men. Drive while clipping several opponent cars inside game will give a unique sensation to everyone who plays it.

Are you a user? smart phone or an Android tablet? If so, the following Search Signals will provide some review about game the best Android car racing must have inside smart phone or your tablet.

1. Mario Kart Tour

Now, you don’t have to wait to own a Nintendo console to experience the thrill of Mario Kart. With an Android phone, you can already play Mario Kart Tour optimized for smart phone.

You can experience everything that has made the Mario Kart series famous to this day, level design strong, iconic characters and a fun interface.

As one of game nation cardplayers can also use different types items to injure the opponent such as banana skins, turtle skins that can be thrown at the player, or items to give a little encouragement which can increase the speed for a few seconds.

The word “Tour” in the title means you will be invited to tour the whole world, down tracks races inspired from the most important parts of several countries. But not only that, game also presents tracks the classic dye ever game Mario Kart before.

2. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

If you want a game If you’re serious about the best Android car racing game, Real Racing 3 is the way to go. Every car has performance according to its specifications, be it tire traction, weight, handling, etc. Also, design game it also looks real, you like to see real car racing videos life.

In Real Racing 3, you can also choose the car you want, from Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz or Audi. Not only that, there are 12 circuit options with different levels of difficulty. Want to race with your friends? Games it also provides mods multiplayer. Real Racing 3 is game which can downloaded for free on the Play Store.

3. Need for Speed: No Limit

Need for Speed ​​​​​​​​​​​the best android car racing game

When you want a game racing cars with realistic circuits, Need for Speed: No Limits is an ideal choice. Games which was launched in 2015 is reaping feedback positive from fans of car racing games. Why not, the graphics offered by this game look so realistic.

In addition to car performance, the circuit display is also an important element in a car game race car. Need for Speed: No Limits is game made by Electronic Arts which is a favorite game player fans of car racing games.

4. Asphalt 9 Legends

asphalt 9_

If the signal team Caris has to say game racing on Android that has classy graphics game console, the answer is definitely Asphalt 9 Legends. Games it is not only mesmerizing, but also offers various levels of difficulty.

Players can choose to be in auto mode so that the car always accelerates. Even though the car can move forward on its own, it doesn’t win. 1 during the race is not easy. Apart from hope skillsAsphalt 9 Legends also requires upgrade parts consistently to increase acceleration, speed and nitro frequency.

Now, there are more than 100 types of cars that can be obtained in this game, of course by collecting them in-game currency to buy it. However, certain cars are only available through microtransactions.

Another advantage that Asphalt 9 Legends has is the various race locations. From Cairo, the Himalayas, New York, Rome, Scotland, and more. Even better, the game is free! Come on, now download this game on PlayStore.

5. Race in Car 2

Race in Cars 2

If you want to play game racing with a different point of view, then Racing in Car 2 can be the right choice. The reason, deep game it displays a point of view cockpit car. So, you will be transported in an atmosphere like driving a real racing car.

Apart from its different perspective, Racing in Car 2 is also equipped with powerful features, such as smooth 3D animation processing, game which is easy, as well as the availability of various race locations and cool race cars. For those interested in playing, yes download from Google PlayStore.

6. Pursue the Horizon

Pursue the Horizon

Games This one car race may have a different look than game Today’s races tend to use cars sports New edition. Horizon Chase is game which brings settings80-90 years. So, even the cars used for racing look quite old and classic.

The mechanism offered by game this is also a little different because Horizon Chase’s controls are very simple. However, thanks to the good graphics and music touches, Pursue the Horizon became one of the most downloaded favorite games on Google PlayStore.

7. Race Master 3D

racing lord 3d_

Race Master 3D is game car racing with simple visuals. Even so, the game is still fun. You will fight 5 other cars inside nation. Your mission is of course to be the first to the line done.

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