15 Best Early Childhood Education Games on Android Phone

Not only aimed at relieving fatigue or entertaining the players. A number game which can be played on Android devices can also provide good education for children, adults and even children who are categorized as early childhood.

For preschoolers, the Caris signal team is currently reviewing 15 educational games for preschoolers that are appropriate and age-appropriate.

Games Early childhood education has the same function and purpose as math games or brain teasers.

the goal of all game that is to make children feel happy to learn new things and of course adapted to their age. Well, about how game early childhood education on PlayStore? Refer to this article until the end!

1. Baby Panda’s World

With a rating of 3+, Baby Panda World is game which is suitable for children aged 8 and under. In this game, kids can play any role they want, such as police, doctor, chef, pilot and more.

The game also includes 100 fun areas for kids to explore! They can enjoy shopping at the supermarket or go to the amusement park that has many entertainment facilities.

If girls like to dress up, they can become stylists and create stylish looks. Or if they like farm life, they can raise livestock, and grow fruits and vegetables. Download Baby Panda’s World.

2. Coloring Games: Coloring Book, Drawing, Glowing Draw

Coloring Games- Coloring Book, Drawing, Glowing Painting_

Games this one is specially for children 3 years and above and has been approved by the teachers. Coloring Games: Coloring Book, Drawing, Glowing Draw allows your little one to learn to recognize colors, and add color to existing images.

There are three different drawing modes in the game. There is a coloring mode with paint, luminous pendrawing mode and coloring by number mode. Games it provides more than 50 objects that can be colored.

3. Baby Games: 2,3,4 years. Small children

Baby Games- 2,3,4 years.  small child_

Just like the name, game it is aimed at two, three and four year olds. Inside game, there are more than 10 games that your little one can try. One of them is taking care of cute animals.

Games It has a simple graphic display and controls, making it suitable and safe for children to play. Besides, Baby Games: 2,3,4 years. Small children approved by experts in the field.

4. ABC kids

Kids ABC educational game for early childhood

Games Early childhood education this time was present and brought by developer RV AppStudios. Games named ABC kids it is conceptual and specifically educates children to know letters only.

There is no other concept and it makes game it becomes more focused on one topic only.

Children will be facilitated in memorizing as well as recognizing the letters. Not only that, interface as well as exciting animated presentations that are also designed so that children feel happy and also feel at home learning letters. Don’t forget ABC Kids also includes a feature on how to pronounce each letter that has been shown.



LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is game for early stage children that will help hone their creativity.

Children can play more than 5 different games. Such as exploring outer space, following certain scenes, conducting rescue missions and more.
Games LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD won several awards, you know.

One of them is the 2021 Kidscreen Award for the Best Educational Application category. The game also has a graphical display colorful and suitable for children aged 2-5 years.

6. 384 Riddles

384 Riddles

Play Riddle is one way for children to learn while playing. This is then used as a concept to create game early childhood learning. 384 Puzzles, taking a simple concept but quite interesting to children. It’s not difficult and tends to be a lot of fun for kids.

384 Puzzles simply ask children to put the pieces together Riddle to then be compiled into a blank image. For example, there is a picture of a giraffe but it is empty.

Now, on his side there are several pieces of giraffe images that must be arranged. Easy isn’t it? Download the game on Google PlayStore.

7. GoNoodle


GoNoodle is an app that contains interactive and kid-friendly videos. The video contains entertainment and learning material. One of them is Alphatrain, an interactive alphabet learning video wrapped in an interesting story.

Here, your little one will learn letters through animal names. Of course, the language of the video is English.

Other videos contain general knowledge. Like the use of words at certain times, or how to make food. GoNoodle actually contains a lot of videos. However, most of the content will involve the children themselves.

8. Kids Games: KidloLand

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