15 Best Horror Games for Android That Are Really Scary

Bored with game Is it normal? Maybe it’s time for you to try playing a horror game. On this occasion, Caris Signal will recommend some game the best Android horror you must try.

Gamesgame this is not only fun to play, but visual effects and sound in this game can send chills down your spine. Guaranteed you will think twice if you want to play alone at night.

1. True Fear: Left Behind 1

Games This horror one was produced by The Digital Lounge. when playing game, you will play Holly. Holly has a mission to uncover the mysterious death of her mother.

Not only finding the cause of her mother’s death, Holly also has to find her missing sister. You will help Holly by traveling in several locations, one of which is an abandoned mental hospital.

Inside game there are many of these Riddle that you need to complete. Also, there are more than 10 cutscene scary you can watch too. Interested in trying to play game this? Download True Fear: Forsaken Souls 1 on Google PlayStore.

2. Detention


Detention is game the best horror on Android that is really fun to play. Games This one is inspired by a horror story in the Asian continent that is famous for its horror especially in Taiwan.

In game In this case, you have to help two students who are trapped in a haunted school. Games Detention is relatively easy to play because it uses a mechanism point and click just.

Even so, the horror atmosphere of this game is very felt. Dare to play it? Come on, try it game Detention with download on Google PlayStore.

3. Emily Wants to Play

emily wants to play_

Emily Wants to Play It is not game new horror. But, game this one still spreads horror when played. Gamesbrought by yourself plots good. You will play the role of a pizza delivery person. Well, your last task is to deliver a pizza to the house of a girl named Emily.

Arriving there, you find the house in a mess. Plus you’re locked in. To get out of there, you have to ‘play’ with Emily and her three dolls. You only have time from 11pm – 6am. And each doll will appear at a certain hour.

You have to treat each doll differently. For example, for a doll dressed in black, you cannot see her face. If that happens, you won’t survive. Just wait and watch the doll until it disappears.

Last mission from game it closes with you have to face all the dolls, along with Emily. If successful, you will be allowed to leave the house.

Android version of game it has easy controls. You just have to operate joystick and tap in certain parts of the screen to interact. Like turning off the light, turning on the flashlight, or opening the paper. There are also specific controls for walking.

Despite this game For a long time, the Caris signal team was impressed by the quality of the graphical display it offered. The horror increases when we hear scary sound effects while playing gamehis. There was laughter, doors creaking, and glass breaking. Everything feels scary.

4. Field of Horror


Horrorfield is game horror multiplayer. In the game, you can play a role who survived or psycho. Well, if you so choose who survivedlater you will join 3 other players to complete the mission.

One of the players will be psycho which has to chase and kill you and other players.

Of course, it’s your job and your team to find a way out of this horrible place. Turn on all the generators there, so you and your friends can escape. Help captured friends or heal the wounded. Get points later.

These points can be used to level up or skills You. As who survivedyou are given the opportunity to do so make crafts in the workshop. One of them is making energy drink. Complete the whole search and can reward.

oh yes game it’s free to play and displays ads. But, inside it is available items which you can buy with real money.

5. Garden of Death

garden of death_

A clown is a funny character that was once loved especially by children. However, the appearance of the creepy clown seems to change picture of the character. Now, clowns are considered the bearers of nightmares.

This scary clown character is also ready to haunt you. Yes, deep game Garden of Deathyou have to save yourself from the fear of clown ghosts that threaten your life.

You have to explore the Garden of Death and find a way out, while solving various puzzles. Pssstdon’t make noise if you don’t want to be chased by clown ghosts ok!

6. Japanese Dolls

japanese doll_

Japanese dolls are a game which allows the player to try to take care of the doll.

Unfortunately, the doll has been cursed. In order not to be possessed, you must continue to care for and invite the doll to play and entertain it.

Oh yes, the word is that this game curses and brings bad luck to anyone who plays it. Is it true? Try the best horror games on Android now with download on Google PlayStore.

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