15 Best Light Games for Android Under 10 MB

Evolution game Android never stops. Currently various game Just came out with great graphics quality. We will really be spoiled by these graphic details, especially if our Android smartphones and tablets already support full HD or even 2K resolution.

Unfortunately, the better the graphics, the bigger the game size. If you have a device with a large memory, of course this is not a problem. But what if our device only has mediocre memory?

This is of course very disappointing. But you don’t have to worry because this time Caris Signal will check the collection game Lightweight Android that is under 10 MB in size. Despite its small size, however game this is no less interesting game big size. What are they?

1. Zombie Smasher

Zombie Smasher is game clicker very fun to play. Your job is to kill zombies mini-sized coming towards you. Don’t let them bite you, OK? Lure them with items like meat, so that more and more zombies that you can spend.

The game is very simple. Smash it! Just tap the mobile phone screen to kill zombies. You will face three different waves, and the last one will have more zombies arriving. Don’t worry, you can use bombs to get rid of them faster.

Just info, game you can download this for free. It’s only around 4 MB in size, so it can definitely be played on mobile low entry though. Are you ready to defeat the zombies?

2. Tank Heroes

tank hero_

Games this one will lead you to battle tank which is exciting. In the beginning, you will fight one tank only steel, but over time, tank enemies will increase more and more and you have to finish them all.

The higher the level, the harder the enemies you will face. However, plus points, you will be able to choose map different Gamesvery easy to play, just use it D-Pad displayed on the screen to determine direction tank, and use the bullet icon to shoot. Size from gameTank Hero it’s only about 9MB. Interested?

3. Mekorama

Mekorama android light game

If you are not interested game kill zombies, you can try Mekorama. Games this one is intended for players who like to build dioramas. At Mekorama, you will be presented with several item to build a diorama.

later, game this will show you an example of the diorama you need to build. So, to play Mekorama it’s free and uses only 5.2 MB of space.

4. Devil Ninja 2

demon ninja 2_

Devil Ninja 2 is action-platformer game which will take you on a ninja adventure to fight the devil. In the beginning, you will face small enemies that are very easy to defeat.

However, make no mistake. On the way, a demon boss will confront you. During the fight, do not miss to take energy balls and items so you can use special moves and weapons, yes.

Relax, control from game it’s very easy. On the left side of the screen, there are buttons to move and jump. While on the right side, there is a button for attack and also released a special moment. You just press both to continue playing.

Games this one reminds game classics that used to be played on the PlayStation 1, you know. Want to try Devil Ninja 2? please download on Google PlayStore.

5. Brainilis


Want to try to train your brain with game under 10MB? There are Brainilists! This brain teaser is only about 4.9 MB in size.

In it there are various types of games for brain training. Among them are remembering similar pictures, determining the most dominant color among a pile of blocks, choosing the right or wrong answer to a math problem, and many more.

Uniquely, you can choose your own difficulty level and category game. There are levels of difficulty easy, simple and hard. For category no brain speed, zen fashionmath, etc.

for us, gameit doesn’t feel boring and can be contested game brain teasers again. Brainilis can download it for free on Google PlayStore. Gamesit contains ads, yes.

6. Auto Racing Speedway 2

highway racing ca 2_

Auto Racing Highway 2 is game light car racing for Android. Size game it’s not more than 7 MB, you know. In the game, you have to reach the line done, yes. But, don’t let the car you’re driving crash into another car in front of you.

If that happens, the game will end with game finished. Just use the on-screen directional controls to control the car. You can also choose the control version in the form of acceleration in the settings section.
When we try gameask for a check update-an. However, when checked, we can still play game old version though our mobile phone is more than adequate to play it.

Even so, we are quite satisfied and entertained game this, because it turns out that every game is quite difficult to beat.

7. Race Moto

motorcycle racing

first glance, game it may not seem like it game lightweight because of its classy 3D display. Who would have thought, the size game it is only 8.8 MB. This game is only suitable for those with good reflexes, because you will avoid many vehicles while driving a fast moving motorcycle.

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