15 best motorcycle racing games on Android that are really fun

Not only can cars compete for speed on the race track or on the street. You can also use this two-wheeled vehicle called motorcycle for motorcycle racing.

Not that you have to do it in real life, you can also race motorcycles digitally by playing 15 game The best and most exciting motorcycle racing on Android phones, you know.

Games This time motor racing presents a variety of games to compete with opponents for speed. you are a MotoGP lover, motocross, or like a wild race? Maybe you can find all of them in this Search Signal article.

1. Rider Traffic

Soner Kara, ejaculated a game motor racing that can get more than 5 million downloads on PlayStore. Gamesthis time it’s called Traffic Rider. If you want to ride a motorcycle as far and as fast as possible, Traffic Rider is it game which is right for you.

Because, in game In this case, players will be asked to drive their two-wheeled vehicle as fast and as far as possible with different types of obstacles.

Additionally, Traffic Rider presents a play mode career mode where there are more than 70 more missions in it. Dare to conquer all challenges? Download from Google PlayStore.

2. Real Bike Race

Real Bike Racing

Do you want to experience the thrill of motorcycle racing? real? If so, the right choice if you download game Real Bike Racing. Because, deep game Here, a variety of cool racing motorcycles are presented. It is noted that there are more than 10 types of racing motorcycles that you can choose to race.

In addition to a wide selection of motorcycles, Real Bike Racing also offers more challenging racing tracks. You can adjust the route to the difficulty level or play in the mode free game.

oh yes even game this too support for VR you know, either using Google Cardboard or other VR. Interested?

3. Race Fever: Motto

moto racing fever_

Race Fever: Moto is game exciting motorcycle racing. Games it contains the story of the main character you play. The main character lost his beloved motorcycle. However, he was given a new bike and had the chance to race again.

Nope. You’re not going to race in an arena or a circuit, are you? Inside game here, the racing arena is the highway; where there are many other vehicles running. You cannot crash into vehicles, and must keep maintaining the speed of the motorcycle so that you can still win.

At the initial stage, you can follow the tutorial first. After that, you immediately face the opponent to race. Your opponents don’t just use motorbikes, they also have cars.

If you want better motor performance, don’t forget to do it upgrade, yes. Use the coins you win from race results.

oh yes game it has several different levels. In the beginning, you will race in the city first. Then, when you reach a high level, you can try to play in other locations, or even race with friends through the mode multiplayer.

4. Racing Driver: Bike Games

bike racing driver game_

Racing Driver: Bike Games or Xtreme Motorist is game free motorcycle racing on Google PlayStore. Just like Racing Fever: Moto, you will finish off your enemies in the street racing arena. In the career mode, you will not face the enemy directly, but there are missions in the form of collecting cards, until time trial. During the game, you can do upgrade on the racing motorcycle owned, so that the performance is better.

Apart from playing the career mode, there is an online PvP racing mode that you can also try. This mode requires you to choose different game levels: easy, simple or difficult There are also many game levels. And every level has Purpose alone

Control game this is not much different from game another motorcycle race. The graphics display is also quite good. Only, because of this game it’s free, you’ll find quite a lot of ads popping up while playing.

5. Moto Bike Racing: Car Driving

Moto Bike Racing- Car Driving_

Moto Bike Racing: Car Driving has two game modes. One of them is the Ladder Challenge. This mod will take you ranking highest in the game. You will be given mission after mission that must be completed. One of them is the mission car overtaking or pass a car on the road without crashing into it.

The second game mode is The Road To Gold. This mode allows you to collect a lot of money on the street. Of course, it is not easy to get money because you again have to pass the cars without getting hit.

While playing, we feel gameit’s interesting. Especially when we play using the Ladder Challenge mode. After the mission is completed, game will give you reward which is quite a lot. Even so, some reward must be earned by watching an ad.

6. MotoGP Race ’22

motogp race 22_

For motorcycle racing fans, you must be familiar with MotoGP bro? Well, game This is ready to give experience to become a MotoGP-style rider.

Just like the name, MotoGP Race ’22 providing a variety of cool and rugged motorcycles to compete on the racetrack. If you are not satisfied with the existing motor, then you can do it upgrade so that the motor can move faster.

But, to do upgrade, of course you need to have capital. So, in order to earn capital, you need to keep calm in the motorcycle racing in MotoGP Racing ’22. Later the sponsor will provide funds for you, so you can do it upgrade.

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