15 Best Offline Adventure Games on Android Phone

Games genres adventure or adventure is one game which has quite a lot of fans. By playing the game we can travel the world virtual without having to move from where we are now.

So, this time the Caris Signal team will check the list game the best Android adventure to play offline. All kinds of things game These are paid, some are free, and some are free with extras in-app purchases.

Games android adventure offline The following is no less interesting than Android MMORPG games, you know. The reason is, you are not just traveling, you will also face various missions and challenges that you can overcome. In fact there is game adventurers that make you have to fight enemies.

1. Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake)

a lot game Final Fantasy you can play platform Android, but the best according to Caris Signal is Final Fantasy IV. because, game it has an adventure side with a pretty strong and emotional fantasy theme.

This is the first time Square Enix has implemented the concept of ATB (Action Time Battle) which enhances gameplay turn based so more fun. This time, the enemy will not stand still waiting for you to enter an order, but will continue to attack based on their respective ATB bars.

Interestingly, cutscene on game it also serves voice acting which turns it on so that it can improve immersion.

2. EvoLand 2


Want to play an RPG game? Shots? Racing? Instead of getting confused, it’s better to just play game The innovative EvoLand 2. Yes, the game offline This Android presents multiple genres which will move based on stage which the player goes through.

Initially, EvoLand 2 will offer 2D RPG graphics like we found in old RPGs. Gradually, these graphics will “evolve” into 3D and introduce new combat mechanics as well.

So that players don’t get bored quickly, EvoLand 2 also offers a variety of games art style change To make the game more fun, don’t forget to use an external controller because EvoLand 2 supports almost everything game pad Bluetooth. To buy this game, visit its Play Store page.

3. Oddmar


If you don’t have a powerful console or PC to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Valheim, you can play Oddmar on smart phone or Android tablets.

Similar to the Viking theme, you will play a villager named Oddmar who is deemed unworthy of a place in Valhalla.

Because of this, the other villagers ostracize Oddmar and he has to prove that he is not as bad as people think. As a result, Oddmar was given a chance to prove himself.

Games which brings genres platformer this will take the player through the forest with beautiful graphics. There will be many Riddle interesting to solve. Can you finish it all? stage and repair Oddmar’s reputation? Prove your skills with buy Oddmar on the Google Play Store.

4. Oceanhorn

horn of the ocean

It is enough to see a few screenshot from Oceanhornanyone can guess that the graphics quality is in the same class game Triple A on console. Telling the story of a child who was abandoned by his father, you have to explore the island and the ocean and learn magic to be able to defeat the roaming monsters.

Various fun activities can be done on game this, like fishing, sailing, gathering can be billedand much more.

Wrapped in eye-pleasing 3D graphics, game offline this one adventure is also presented soundtrack from composer The legendary Nobuo Uematsu who also composed the music for the Final Fantasy series.

5. My Little Universe

My Little Universe_

Next, there is My Little Universe. Inside game in this one, you will act as an orange man who comes to an island in the middle of nowhere.

It is on this island that you have to build your own life. Explore all parts of the island and build various important places. Find wood, also use an ax to get natural resources that you can use. do not forget upgrade tools mining that you use, yes.

When you build a world, there will be monsters that will come and try to kill you. Fight them with the weapons you have. Oh yes, a little tips from us, while building there, don’t let yourself fall into the shark nest in the open ocean, because the shark will eat you.

Games This one comes with very simple controls. You just have to move joystick on the screen to change position, too tap mobile screen to perform actions. My Little Universe requires an internet connection to run. Inside game there are ads that appear.

Well, a little information, whenever you want to get a resource without looking for it yourself, you can watch ads to get the resource you want for free.

6. Desire


Désiré, a name as unique as the game. This is game a very very simple adventure, but can sharpen your brain. The game tells the story of a boy named Désiré who has to solve puzzles and complete his mission in life.

In the beginning, you will be taken to the year 1992. Here, you will have to help Désiré solve her first puzzle and mission. Find wood, eggs and tools. Make a wooden box and fill the box with eggs. But, before that, let Désiré write the name of the girl he loves with a pen.

The instructions for completing this mission are found in the spellbook that Désiré always carries in her backpack. You can read a book at any time.

What made us feel like playing was Désiré’s incredibly interesting puzzles and missions. In addition, the storyline in this game is not boring. Moreover, there is voice acting which makes everything feel more complete.

Visually, the Désire is very simple. Since Désiré is portrayed as a color-blind character, game This is also presented in black and white. If interested in trying, download the game on the Google Play Store. As a note, game this can only be played by you who are 16 years old and above, yes.

7. Eternium


Eternium likewise game adventure offline Android which is no less interesting, NIH. The visuals and even the plot of Eternium remind us of classic RPG games.

You will be in a place threatened by the presence of an enemy led by Ragadam. Enemies themselves are diverse. However, at the beginning of the game, you will be faced with zombies.

Well, we try to play game this and select a character Bounty Hunters. Just so you know, you can choose other characters in Eternium. One of them Mage.

At the beginning of the game, you will immediately jump into the fight against zombies, of course accompanied by a tutorial that will teach you how to attack the enemy, using skills special, or even take items. When we tried, we didn’t have any problems.

Games runs smoothly when we play on a mid-range mobile phone. The controls are also very simple, because you only have to tap and swipe just.

8. Phantom of the Opera

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