15 Best Offline Games on Android That Don’t Need Internet

At the moment not a little game Android that requires an internet connection when playing. This may not be a problem if you are at home.

But what if you are on holiday in the countryside, climbing mountains, and to other places where it is difficult to get an internet connection? This is of course very frustrating, especially if you need entertainment from a game. For that, we recommend a list offline game the best on Android you can play. Here is the list.

1. Subway Surfers

Underground Railroad Navigator is arcade games which can be played online offline. Because it’s fun and challenging game This is one of the favorite games editor dear to be missed.

Here the player will play a character who is being chased by an angry inspector and his dog. He must run as fast as possible on the subway tracks and be able to avoid the oncoming trains. Otherwise, the inspector catches and the game ends.

Some of the features offered by game this includes colorful and vivid HD graphics, Hoverboard surfing, fast stunts and more.

Because of its popularity, Subway Surfer has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on the Play Store with a good rating. If you haven’t tried it yet, get it now gamehe.

2. Tomb of the Mask

mask tomb_

Comes with old school 2D visuals, game this one will remind you of the legendary Pac-Man. In Tomb of the Mask, your task is to complete the level by finding a way out of the labyrinth.

While in the maze, you need to collect coins and items another. However, make no mistake, your journey will not be easy. You will be faced with all kinds of obstacles, including lava. To prevent injury, there are shields you can buy shop with coins you already have.

he exclaimed game arcade offline it has many game levels. So, you won’t get bored easily when you try it. Oh yes, control from game it’s very simple, quite tap screen towards, and your playing character will walk.

Tomb of the Mask can be played for free, but provides in-app purchases, including premium subscription plans.

3. Close the Fire

turn off the fire_

For those of you who want to try game shooter offline, Close the Fire can be selected. In the game, you will fight an enemy called the Tetracorps with its army that terrorizes civilians and destroys cities.

At the beginning of the game, you will immediately face the invading Tetracorps army. Of course, you have to end it with a bang. In a level, there are usually certain missions that you must complete, for example, such as freeing civilians, shooting in the head (head shot), or complete the mission with still full blood.

How to eliminate incoming enemies game it’s not that hard. Simply aim your weapon at the target by pressing the bottom left of the screen. Then, to shoot the target, use the bullet icon on the right side of the screen. Games This one is enough to impress us with the missions and levels the game offers.

Like other war games, you can modify weapons to make them perform better. Also collect your members and make a great team to fight the enemy.

4. Bottle Flip 3D


Well, if game this one is perfect to play when you are relaxing. Bottle Flip 3D is game casual game that requires you to ‘help’ the bottle so that it can pass through various obstacles.

Yes, by touching any part of the phone screen, the bottle will jump back and forth past the para, chair, microwave, desk, wall clock, etc. You have to pick up a bottle to get to the line done. If you fall, you have to start the level all over again. Slight leak, when you reach level 15, you can try the obstacle behind the house.

And, the higher your level, there will be other locationsunlockas well as the more difficult the obstacles that the bottle must go through. Games which is very simple, with simple visuals too. But, 3D Flip Bottle can help relieve your boredom.

5. Zombie Hunter: The Killing Game

zombie hunter_

Games This one is developed and released by developer which also launched Cover Fire. Not surprisingly, visual and game offered Zombie Hunter: The Killing Game almost the same as Cover Fire. The difference is, of course your opponent here is a rather violent zombie.

Yes, the higher the level of the game, the zombies with it abilities the dead will appear. To destroy them, you need a modified weapon.

Games This one has similar controls to Cover Fire as well. It’s just, in our opinion, control game Zombie Hunter: Killing Game is more manageable and not as sensitive as Cover Fire, making it easier for us to kill zombies that come one by one.

For game offline Zombie Hunter deserves a thumbs up. With 3D visuals and game which is ok, game we recommend this one for you. Oh yeah, just an info. game this can be played online offlinebut there are some items which sometimes needs to be downloaded using an internet connection.

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