15 Best Offline RPG Games on Android Smartphones

Role Playing Games or RPG is a genre game which is very popular today. RPG games themselves have actually existed since the emergence of traditional games such as ladder snake, monopoly, halma, and the like.

Now, along with the development of technology, this game is also present on PC and Android devices mobile with a very significant evolution of the game. Dozens or even hundreds of titles game You can now easily find RPGs on these various devices.

So, on this occasion, Caris Signal will review 10 Android RPG games offline the best at the moment. All kinds of things game it has a diverse storyline and you can get it for free or pay for it in advance.

1. Stardew Valley

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the graphics outdated. In fact, Stardew Valley offers a side playability which is very solid, especially for those of you who like RPG activities gardening.

Not just farming like Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons games, here you can also enter underground prison and exterminate the monsters that linger in it. In terms of weaponry such as swords and dagger, damage– it can be-upgrade when you find or buy a rarer one.

Weapons are not only limited to what is held, you can also collect materials to run make crafts inside underground prison. Such as making bombs, making food potions that can restore stamina, making stairs for shortcuts, and so on.

Stardew Valley also has elements social skills a deep relationship with the villagers, there are even a few villagers who can be made friends for life. Although Stardew Valley is included in game RPG offlinebut it still provides features multiplayer regularly online.

Don’t forget to use it game pad for maximum experience. You see, not very comfortable when used touch screen. Click this link to visit the download page on the Google Play Store.

2. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

FF XV pocket edition

Final Fantasy XV comes as a game open world with game style third person perspective. But this only applies to game launched on consoles and PC. For Android and Nintendo Switch versions, it is available in Pocket Edition.

Unlike the console version which presents realistic graphics, the Pocket Edition has a simpler graphical display with character designs chibi which is lighter for the device to swallow mobile like Android.

Point of view also no longer exists third person perspective but using fixed angle like the previous Final Fantasy series. Even so, in terms of story and character, there is no difference between the two.

There are some side quest changed from the original series, but more or less the experience felt in terms of the story remains the same. This is your chance to experience tradition interesting things to offer even if you don’t have a console and a PC powerful.

Final Fantasy XV itself tells the story of a man named Noctis, the prince of Lucis who married Lady Lunafreya as a symbol representing the promise of peace between Lucis and Niflheim.

It seems that on the way to the reception, he and his friends ran into a problem that made the trip even more difficult. Will Noctis succeed in marrying and uniting two countries that have been at war for years? click here to download Chapter 1 for free.

3. The Monster Hunter Story

monster hunter story

men, when can you play Nintendo 3DS games on Android phones again? Also, this RPG game comes from the Monster Hunter series made by Capcom, whose reputation is well known among the community game player in this world.

But this time, the presented Monster Hunter game is not included in the main series, but a game spin off in a slightly different format. Instead of having a mission to attack and hunt monsters without a strong motive, this time Monster Hunter Stories requires players to experience a story with a deep plot.

From game In this case, you will fight the enemy with the battle system turn based like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy series.

The unique atmosphere, different character designs from the Monster Hunter series in general, make newcomers and fans alike rigid Monster Hunter is equally capable of feeling fun. click here to visit its Google Play Store page.

4. Chrono Trigger

chrono trigger

Do some research on the best RPGs of all time, and you’ll find plenty of listings that rank them Chrono Trigger as the number 1 RPG in the world.

All this is not without reason. Although it has somewhat dated graphics, Chrono Trigger really has a well-balanced RPG experience, even by today’s standards.

Chrono Trigger has one of the best storylines in the RPG world, as well as a unique combat system as you can combine all of your character’s attacks into one deadly move. A game that carries a storyline about time travel, will also bring players together with unique characters from different times.

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