15 Best Old School Games You Can Play on Android


do you miss game games of the past and the 90s? You can still play old school games for nostalgia by relying solely on Android based smartphones. There are many options on the PlayStore gamestarting from game modern up game old school dingdong is also here.

So, this time, Caris Signal aims for a theme where you can reminisce about playing games outdated just depends smart phone Android only you know Here is the list

1. Brick Game

Want nostalgia by playing game outdated? If so, you can try Brick Game. If playing game this, it is certain that players will not feel bored. Because game This is more interesting with various levels and difficulty levels that make it angry. In fact, Brick Game also provides 11 classic themes that will make players feel nostalgic.

So, in addition to various themes, Brick Game has also provided 19 game lightweight in just one application. For game which is already provided is Classic Brick Puzzle, Classic tanks, Classic Race, Classic Snake, Extra Shooting Classic, Shooting Classic Players, Classic Brick Breaker, Classic Frog Across the River, and many more. Want to play? download here.

2. Wildagotchi


Maybe some of you want to recall playing game Tamagotchis. As you know, the Tamagotchi game was very popular among the children of the 90s. Games which requires you to keep and take care of the pet so that it does not get sick, feed it, and clean its dirt.

If you used to have to buy a Tamagotchi kit, now you don’t have to bother buying one. because, game like Tamagotchi is now present as Wildagotchi on PlayStore. Games outdated this one has animations that aren’t much different game which is in Tamagotchis you know Even Wildagotchi will give you a nostalgic feeling inside gamehe. Download Wildagotchi here.



PAC-MAN, a old game that you can ever play game consoles like Nintendo. Not the latest Nintendo like today, but Nintendo outdated which has a cassette the size of a box. Now, you can reminisce about playing again game PAC-MAN only by relying on Android smartphones.

PlayStore provides game This PAC-MAN will remind you of your childhood. Bandai Namco is known as the maker of PAC-MAN games labyrinth new inside gamehis. Of course the graphics presented by developer also likened to old school PAC-MAN games. Interested in playing game this again? Download PAC-MAN here.

4. Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro

Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro

Before coming cell phone With today’s highly detailed graphics, HP monochrome once dominated the market. Monochrome means it only displays black and white with all its limitations. However, there is one game which was very popular at that time which was Ular. Of course game this is very famous and played a lot by children in the past.

Snakes are game where you have to eat the available food until the snake grows longer. The same goes for how to play Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro. This 97 style look was also presented by developer HALA this game. You are curious and want to play too? Download gamehe here.

5. King of Snakes & Ladders

Ladder Serpent & King_

Snakes and ladders games weren’t just popular in the 90s. Maybe modern children like now are also familiar with snakes and ladders games. However, not many kids today know about it and these games are also quite hard to find these days. Don’t worry, if there is smart phoneYou can download King of Snakes & Ladders.

This old game will drag you into childhood memories where you played with your colleagues. Snakes & Ladders King features a snakes and ladders game and the rules are not that different from the old school snakes and ladders. you know Interested?

6. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link


Games outdated this time it comes from a famous and popular anime in Indonesia in the 90s. Of course 90s kids love this one anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime that tells about fights using these cards was also popular with children at that time. Well, were you one of those kids who played Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

You can now play again game it bydownload game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link. Just like playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards with friends, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links also features card battles as well, you know. Interested in playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links? Download here.

7. Golden Ax Classic

Golden Ax Classic

want to play game a very classic one made by SEGA? If so, you should try playing game Golden Ax Classic. This is game arcade with an interesting and exciting storyline. Apart from the interesting story, game It also comes with various fun features, such as the availability of mods offline, save game progress, so supported with guard HIDING.

Not only that, SEGA also displays very classic graphic animations so that players will feel nostalgic. oh yes about capacity gamethat, Golden Ax Classics can be considered a bit heavy but very worth to play. I want to try to play game-he? You can download here for free.

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