15 Best Puzzle Games on Android that are Very Challenging

Puzzle game or game Puzzles are useful entertainment to sharpen our brains. To kill time at leisure or when cycling in this fasting month you can play a little puzzle game which is fun.

The more time grows, then you can also play game through your Android smartphone or tablet. So you can play puzzle game this anytime and anywhere.

Not sure which one to choose game interesting to play? Come onsee recommendations from the Caris Signal team below.

1. Brain Out

Games it has been downloaded more than 100 million times on PlayStore and made it as one puzzle game most popular. Brain Out itself is a game Riddle Addictive free is complicated with a series of complex brain teasers and testing different puzzles to challenge the mind.

Games It will assess your logical thinking skills, reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity. Don’t answer the mission the normal way if you don’t want to be cheated. Solutions that subvert normal thinking are the most interesting things at game this trivia.

Some key features game this includes game completely unimaginable, simple and simple but funny game process, funny sounds and funny game effects, and unexpected game answers. download Brain Out.

2. DOP 2: Delete One Part

DOP 2_

DOP 2: Delete One Part is a brain game where you have to use logic to solve fun and clever puzzles.

Games it’s easy to play. Just touch the screen and drag your finger to erase part of the image and see what’s behind it. Although it looks simple, appearances can be deceiving.

Like a detective’s magnifying glass, your eraser is the key to uncovering hidden mysteries game think this. You have to be a clever detective and investigate the pictures carefully to find clues.

Some features game it has hundreds of fun levels filled with intricate brain teasers no two puzzles are the same, fun graphics with a unique cartoon style and cute animations, and optional music, sound effects and vibration settings give you more control over the experience play game You.

3. Two Dots: Puzzle Game

two dots_

Games Riddle this one requires you to connect the dots of the colored circles. Connect two or more circles of the same color. It can be vertical, horizontal or rectangular. As long as you don’t connect the dots diagonally.

Every level, there will be objective different For example, at level five, you need to get 20 round dots for green, yellow and blue. The easiest way to get all the colored dots is to form a rectangle.

Games that come in types match 3 this will give you 20-35 move in one level. And every day, you only have five lives. So make sure you win every level without failing once.

What the Caris Signal team loves game this is what it looks like. Two Dots brings a super minimalist look with interesting visual effects. Tutorials are also provided in this game, so we didn’t feel confused at all when we first tried it. Download Two Dots on Google PlayStore to start playing.

4. Emoji Puzzle!

emoji puzzle!_

This is puzzle game unique that uses emoji as a medium. In this game you have to connect emotional pairs with associations. You have to think and find ideas from each puzzle. Although it sounds simple, however game this can be quite complicated, you know.

To play, you just need to tap each element from a different column to connect them with a line. Or drag to draw lines and connect elements from different columns. If you connect all the elements correctly you pass the level.

So far the Emoji Puzzle game! has been played by over 50 million Android users. If you want to try, you can Download the game on Google PlayStore.

5. Fold the Paper

paper folds

Fold paper is a game Riddle which is simple. All you have to do is tap and fold until the object on the digital paper looks perfect. With an interface that is also simple but not boring, game this is worth trying in your spare time.

Paper Fold has so far been downloaded more than 10 million times on PlayStore. Because the concept is quite unique, game This is enough to offer fun to players.

6. Save the Doge

save the dog_

A dog is in danger of being stung by a bee. You as a player have to help these cute animals. You do this by drawing a line around the dog. Draw a line so that this cute dog is completely protected from the bees.

Don’t let the image you create be hollow. Also make sure that the image can really form a strong ‘fortress’. If you want to score more, try using less ink.

If you are confused to determine the shape of the image, please press the button guidance to gain enlightenment. Unfortunately, you have to watch ads to get these valuable clues. Interested in game this? Download Save the Doge on Google PlayStore.

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