15 Best Simulation Games on Android Smartphones

Now, you can play too game The best simulation ever on Android. The Google Play store is also known as the app store game Android phone users. However, many people are often confused about which one is which game the best and the best.

This time, we’re aiming for the target game the best simulation version of the Carisinyal team. About is there? game a fun simulator to play? The answer is of course yes.

You are interested and curious to try online game what will be discussed this time? Immediately, let’s take a look at the following review.

1. SAKURA School Simulator

As the name suggests, deep game In this simulation, the player becomes an ordinary student at a high school called Sakura High School. With graphics that are said to be quite interesting, SAKURA School Simulator can be an interesting school simulation game.

However, this game requires a mobile phone with high enough specifications to run smoothly, such as having at least 3GB of RAM chipset Snapdragon 820 and above.

SAKURA School Simulator game is said to have easy controls. Aside from the school, players can explore Sakura Town as much as they want, talk to many characters and visit their houses and whatever.

So far the game SAKURA School Simulator has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store with assessment good.

2. Staff!


Staff!, a game simulation with a simple 3D graphic display. You will be addicted to the game. There are no difficult missions to complete. Your task is only to help the real main character stickman to make his and his girlfriend’s dreams come true.

Stickman moves into a messy abandoned house. Well, this is where you need to start helping him. Stickman needs money to fill his house with furniture, and repair damaged furniture.

You will be faced with several mini game, where Stickman serves as a staff member. Help Stickman as he cleans floors, paints walls, transports items and even puts out fires.

All kinds of work will be done to get money. Stickman is usually paid 100 Dollars a day.

To get the bonus, you must watch an ad first. Actually, there are a lot of ads in this game and it’s annoying. However, if you don’t mind, try playing Staff! by download on Google Play Store.

3. SimCity BuildIt

simcity buildit_

In this game, you as a player will perform a management simulation. SimCity BuildIt is game simulation to control and manage the city. This is game SimCity Android only.

You will serve as a city leader or may also be called the Mayor. Your task is certainly not easy. There will be many things for you to handle and do.

You have to think about everything that happens in the city. Starting from overcoming traffic jams, unemployment of the people, water and electricity for the residents, up to the financial problems of the city that you also have to overcome as best as possible. This game is sure to be felt challenging, but still fun to try. Want to try?

4. Free 3D Flight Pilot Simulator

free 3d flight pilot simulator

You want to be a pilot with confidence smart phone Android only? You can try one of these game Caris Signal team’s best aircraft simulation version.

Here, you can feel the sensation of driving an airplane thrilling. In addition, the 3D effect presented makes it more real.

Not only that, game Free 3D Flight Pilot Simulator it will also provide real plane like panels as well. Not just to fly, you also have to perform the missions given inside game. Are you ready to become a pilot with multiple missions?

5. Solar Smash

solar smash_

Solar Smash is a game a simulation that will invite you to destroy planets and solar systems. That is correct. You have to destroy various planets such as Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, to Jupiter with various weapons available. Weapons can be of natural origin such as lightning and asteroids, or collisions with the moon.

There are also other weapons such as kraken monsters, UFOs, and nuclear weapons. The way to destroy a planet or solar system is quite simple. You just have to choose an existing weapon, then, tap on the part of the planet you want to destroy.

Games it has few other controls besides weapons. There are controls for slow motion and fast forwardthere is scopeknob pause, etc. Graphics settings can also be adjusted. The Caris Signal Team uses the settings default by frame rate 40fps. As a result, the game runs smoothly.

Caris signal team is trying to destroy several planets as well as their solar system. The effect is just as real. Moreover, when we use black hole to destroy the sun and other objects around it.

A supernova immediately formed, and there was an explosion as well. You can download Solar Smash on Google PlayStore.

6. PC Creator 2

pc creator

Want to try becoming a reliable computer installer? Or, are you interested in helping to clean a client’s computer that has a virus? Try it PC Creator 2. In game In this case, you will act as a young man who works in a computer store.

Your job is to help the owner install the PC according to the customer’s request. Not only that, you will also be asked to do other tasks such as installing software on the client’s computer, or study questions hack.

Assembling the computer itself is quite interesting. You need to buy and install PC components one by one, starting from RAM, SSD, CPU, motherboard, etc. After that, you need to send the PC to the customer. Do not forget to check whether the delivered PC meets the specifications or not.

Every time you play, you will also receive special missions, in the form of requests from bosses or other special customers. Interested to try game this?

7. Fallout Shelter

fall shelter_

Fallout Shelter hold the title as one game the best by winning a DICE Award a few years ago. Games In this simulation, the player is required to control everything related to survival.

It is said that the earth is damaged and people have to struggle to survive. Man can only protect himself shelter underground.

Here you as the leader must control the stock of food, drink, water, and also control the defense. Don’t let any rebels get inside shelter and kill the people.

You will also be challenged by the level of happiness of the residents shelter. Players not only pay attention to food, health, and safety. But also, must pay attention to the happiness of the people. Want to try?

8. MeChat


This is not an app chat-an, but instead a game simulation with the same concept dating app. Here, you will meet some fictional characters. Either female or male.

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