15 Best Soccer Manager Games You Can Play on HP

Games ball manager theme is one of a kind game which is popular, especially for football fans who want to experience what it’s like to manage a team.

Games managers themselves now have many. Some of them are the best, and can be played through smartphones. Here is the list game your ball manager can play.

1. FIFA Soccer

Games football manager FIFA Soccer it is released and developed by EA Games. In game, you will take on the role of manager of a famous football team. One of them is Manchester United.

You have to manage your team and players and make your own team win in the most important and prestigious football league in the world. Recruit professional soccer players for your team, and make them score as many goals as possible to make your team’s name great among soccer lovers.

2. Flick Kick Football Legends

Flick Kick Football Legends

Games This PIKPOK release offers something different. In game In this case, you will feel the sensation of training players who are old or not young anymore. And deep game Also, you can act as a coach and a player at the same time.

Not only managing the team and playing, game it can also allow you to interact with multiple parties, from players’ agents to coaches from opposing teams.

Games this one also comes with visuals cell shading 70’s style that makes game this can be seen vintage. You can download Flick Kick Football Legends live at Google Play Store.

3. Soccer Manager 2022

Fantasy Football Manager 2019

then game In this case, it seems that you can be the manager for some famous players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, or Mbappe. You can collect all these players in your own team.

The team you create can later compete against other teams, whether it’s a team controlled by a robot or a team played by friends.

Not only training players and playing matches, you can also do a number of activities beyond the technical aspects of football, such as checking player statistics, checking player market values, to signing new sponsors for your team.

To play game For this you need to know the world of football, as well as understand the strategy of playing on the field. Football Manager 2022 can be downloaded directly via Google Play Store.

4. Top Eleven Become a Football Manager

Top Eleven Become a Football Manager

From game In this case, you can not only train players. You will also learn how to manage your team’s income and expenses. In fact, you will also learn to build your own dream stadium.

Games Nordeus’ output has received positive comments from several parties. The Guardian magazine is one of them. According to the British press, Top Eleven Be A Soccer Manager is game the best so far that managed to bring the world of football management to the world game.

As some do game another football manager game You can play this football manager through Android and iOS based mobile phones. If interested in downloading it, please go directly to Google Play Store.

5. Real Football 3

real football 3_

If you wish game simple and light soccer manager, game this could be the right choice. There are more than 2,500 football teams, any team you can train. All the teams come from different parts, from the lowest to the highest.

If you like a challenge, you can choose a team from the bottom. By choosing him, you can learn how to take the team from the lowest division to the highest division.

Like some game other managers, game this can also make you do things outside of coaching, such as dealing with sponsors, managing team finances, building youth academies, building stadiums, transferring players, to interacting with the players themselves.

Games you can download this ball manager for free. Please come to Toy store if you are interested to download and play it.

6. Top Soccer Manager 2022

Top Soccer Manager 2022_

Gamegou Limited developed and released Top Soccer Manager 2022 for those of you who want to experience managing a soccer team.

Of course, the football team you will lead here is a famous team, with professional players who are also popular. Your team will take part in famous football matches, one of which is La Liga.

Your task, of course, is to develop the performance of the team, by choosing a strategy, as well as recruiting and appointing each player according to their position. Lead your team to victory, and get an official license for your team.

Games it is suitable to be played in free time. Try Top Soccer Manager 2022 by downloading it here.

7. Pro 11 – Soccer Manager Game


You search game ball manager with more diverse features? try it Pro 11 – Soccer Manager Game. Not only can you become the manager of a famous football club, game this will lead you to try various mini game as an arena for players to improve skillshe.

Oh yes, deep game In this case, you are not only responsible for managing everything related to the football club, but also managing the stadium that is the home of the players. You definitely need more funds. To ensure that the financial situation of the club remains stable, you can build a contract with an existing sponsor.

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