15 Cool and Interesting Games Similar to Free Fire

Free Fire (FF) is one such game survival shooter which is quite liked by the players of the country. Games developed by 111 Dots Studio was released in 2017. Since its appearance, Free Fire has been one of game Most downloaded Android.

Thanks to its growing popularity, Free Fire itself won awards as Best Popular Vote Game from the Google Play Store in 2019. Well, not to be left behind with Free Fire, some of the Android games that Caris Signal will discuss this time are similar to game which. Even most game it is also available on iOS. Want to know game what is similar to Free Fire? Here is the list.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one game battle royale which has many fans in Indonesia. PUBG Mobile specifically for Android was released in 2018. Based on the game multiplayer it puts 100 players in one area map. Just like Free Fire, the player who manages to survive the enemy’s attack until the end will come out as the winner.

Games This can be played together as a team of up to 4 people. visually, game which has 2 versions, namely the Mobile and Lite versions, this is quite impressive.

Considering the technology used for game it is Unreal Engine 4 that renders the quality of the display, from the effects to the details contained within game looks more lively. To play PUBG Mobile, you can download From Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS devices .

2. Fortnite

a game similar to free fire fortnite_

Games similar to Free Fire which is no less interesting to play is Fortnite. Games designed by Darren Sugg this includes one game battle royale unique. Fortnite has two modes which are modes Battle Royale and Save which the world and Creative which allows players to get various attributes, starting from new heroes and even weapons.

One of the unique things from game this allows its players to build buildings to survive. In addition, there are character costumes that belong to each hero and also movement dancing which makes unique game this one is more interesting.

If you are interested in playing game this, you can download via Google Playstore (Android) and App store (iOS), or visit official webpage for download game Android and iOS versions.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

game similar to free fire codm_

Call of Duty: Mobile is game battle royale others are similar to Free Fire. Games multiplayer which was developed by TiMi Studio and PROXIMA BETA, was enough to steal the attention of fans after its release. Games This alone is known to be able to generate an income of US$480 million.

This is indeed very reasonable, considering game it has many advantages. In addition to the amazing quality of the graphics, this winner of the BAFTA Video Game Awards 2019 has a lot to choose from mapas well as mods game interesting and can be adapted to the needs of the player.

To be able to play game this, par players It is recommended that you have a high spec device with at least 2 GB of RAM. Download life Android version game on Google PlayStore and App Store iOS version.

4. Rules of Survival

survival game rules similar to free fire_

Games multiplayer by assessment which is high enough is really interesting to play. The Rules of Survival are game developed by NetEase. Games it was first released in 2017. Just like Free Fire, a total of 120 players will be placed in map with a wide inventory of unique weapon types to survive to the end.

Rules of Survival is known to have several modes, such as mods gold and Diamondswhere players will get a mission to explore map as well as collecting gold and diamonds. While in fashion blitzkriegplayers are equipped with various weapons to kill enemies.

So you don’t want to know game here, visit official webpage to find out more information. Or, you can too download the gameit is turned on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

5. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

grand battle royal game similar to free fire_

Games this one is quite unique. Games multiplayer this puts 30 (Small Island) and 100 (mainland) person in one map. In terms of appearance and character, Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS is very similar to game The popular Minecraft.

Even so, the elements that are tried to be presented in game it is similar to Free Fire. Starting from the weapon items bootyand modes game. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS itself is very simple and good enough for new players.

One of the advantages game this does not require very high device specifications. If you are interested in starting this game, you can immediately download game Android version on Google PlayStoreand for iOS devices on the App Store.

6. Bullet Strike: Battlefield

bullet strike game similar to free fire_

Games The next one that has similarities with Free Fire is Bullet Strikes: Battlegrounds. Games multiplayer developed by developer This Horus Entertainment puts a maximum of 20 players in one mapso take your time game much shorter.

Just like Free Fire, in game this player will run the character with the display thirdpeople, complete with map the area that will be the player’s location to defend against attacks from other players.

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