15 Equally Interesting PUBG Similar Games on Android

WHO very who is not familiar with PUBG? PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is game which many people like Games which was released in 2017 and distributed through Steam is very popular. Popularity game it improved after appearing on the Android and iOS app stores under the name PUBG Mobile.

Initially PUBG was released on Steam via early access beta programbefore finally launching in full version in December 2017. Later in 2018, Android and iOs versions were officially released and dubbed as best selling game of all time with sales reaching fifty million a month in June 2018.

PUBG epidemic among lovers game make para developer interested in launching game which is similar to PUBG itself. Yes, there are many battle royale game others that are similar to the concept that PUBG brings out there.

For those of you who want to know game what is similar to PUBG Mobile, you can try to play some alternatives from game PUBG is available on the following Android devices.

1. Garena Free Fire – Rampage

Garena Free Fire – Rampage is game which was launched by Garena which previously launched Point Blank and Arena of Courage. In Garena Free Fire – Rampage, up to 49 players can join to play at one time.

Players are given about 10 minutes to complete it game. In addition, in this game you can play with mod squad which allows four players to join a team.

Unique from game this is death race mode which allows two players in a team to join forces to escape from enemies by using existing vehicles. Interested? Live download only game-get it on Google PlayStore.

2. ScarFall: The Royale Combat


ScarFall is game similar to PUBG which offers 3 game modes. One of them is classic mode. In this mode, you will play with 30++ other players. You will join a team of 4 members.

Not much different, your main mission is to be last man standing and where it should be. He cried, ScarFall gave a chance to spawn again 3 times in 10 minutes of play.

Caris signal team trying to play game this with graphics settings default. We use mid-range phones, and gameit can run smoothly. Oh yes, the graphics display game it’s not as good as PUBG, but still just as fun.

From a control standpoint, it’s pretty much the same. So, if you play PUBG a lot, you must be familiar and skilled with the controls.

3. Zooba


Zooba is game battle royale popular similar to PUBG. Only the characters are inside game this is a cute animal. One of them is Nix the fox. In game this, you of course have to be one of the 20 people who survive to the end.

The types of weapons you can booty here are three: bombs, bows and similar weapons shotgun. You need to maximize all these weapons to fight all enemies.

As usual, map in game will shrink. You have to fight the remaining enemies while avoiding nearby fire. Use bushes to hide from enemies, yes.

Graphical display of game this is really cute. Even so, the game cannot be tested smoothly on mid-range handsets. The Caris Signal team tried it with a right-aligned graphics setting, but they often experienced it left behind. Finally, we tried lowering the settings and FPS to middle and 45 FPS. The game can run smoothly.

This game allows every player to do that upgrade on their character. damagemovement speed and health can you upgrade, yes. You can toounlock new characters when reaching a certain level.



Want to try game battle royale unique? play As the name suggests, the weapon that will be used game this is magic. You can use the power of fire, water or earth to attack your enemies. There are only two controls that you will use inside game this. One to move, the other to attack.

Be the last player standing. Attack as many enemies as you can to get special powers.

Don’t forget to fill your HP and get extra steps from coach. Only, to get the free mobile phone and this step, you have to watch ads. For spawn again also the same. A level in this game has three stage. has daily missions for you to complete. One of his missions is to eliminate a large number of enemies. For sure, you will get it reward if the mission is successfully completed.

Graphic display game it is similar to Zooba. We were able to try out the game smoothly, without a single hitch.

5. Farlight 84

farlight 84_

Farlight 84 you can try if you search game similar to PUBG with a different background. Farlight 84 takes place in the future, where your fight will be supported by many great and advanced weapons, including armored vehicles. You can also ride a motorcycle and jetpack to relocate.

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