15 Fun and Easy Games for Seniors to Play

Games not only can be played by children, because parents can play some of them game available on the PlayStore. A number game for old people this is quite simple, but very interesting for parents.

Well, 15 game it can also be a good solution when parents need activities refreshing and rest. Come on, find out a fun game that parents will enjoy playing. To know the group game for the elderly, please continue reading this article until the end, okay!

1. Marble Legend

The Marble Legend became game a suitable beginning to play for parents. because, game this can be said to be easy and difficult.

Gamesis easy, but each level has quite difficult challenges. Marble Legend players will be asked to shoot balls that must match colorful balls that are running.

So, don’t let the ball run into the hole. Because the ball is always running, that’s why this game can be called a time game as well. If the ball has entered the hole at the end, it means the player game over aka can’t finish game okay

So, the easy way to play is just recording with simple colorful graphic animation, sure parents will feel like at home playing game this is taking too long. Try it download game Marble Legend from Google PlayStore.

2. Chess


In the old days, parents were very fond of playing chess. So, if your parents really like playing chess, give them a digital chess game, for example Chess this. Actually, game Chess is not much different from game chess in general. In fact, the rules gameit’s the same, only platformdifferent

From game In this Chess, players can compete in chess by choosing an opponent. For example, you want to fight AI from Chess, or invite friends to play together (two player mode). In addition, Chess provides 5 different themes so players will never get bored with the same look.

3. Happy Glass

happy glass_

Happy Glass is game very simple. You will be faced with a game that looks simple but is not as easy as imagined. Your task is to fill the glass showing the sad face with water.

Draw a line that can make all the water fall into the glass. Don’t let there be any water left, OK? If all the water has gone into your glass and your bottle is full, you will have reward in the form of coins.

Unfortunately, to get more coins, you have to watch ads first. Ads in game This appears with fairly regular frequency. However, we can forgive because game Happy Glass is free to play.

4. Block Puzzle Gems

Block Puzzle Jewel

Block Puzzle Jewel is game for the elderly we recommend next. Games It has the concept of playing like Tetris, only it is packaged and animated graphics to make it more modern and interesting. Just like the old school tertris game, game it just asks the player to line up the blocks.

The blocks must be arranged neatly without any holes or holes. In addition, you can also flip the blocks vertically or horizontally. oh yes The game also has different difficulty levels that will definitely make you feel at home playing! download game-get it on Google PlayStore.

5. Fold the Paper

paper fold_

Fold paper is game which is very suitable for playing by anyone including the elderly. In gameit, you just need to fold the paper, until the image on the paper is formed. There are many pictures of yourself. This includes food, cute characters or fancy items.

There are many levels you can play here. If you have reached level 10++, the difficulty level increases. should, game this also becomes one game A fun brain teaser.

Unfortunately, for some people items such as food and luxury items you cannot save to use as an in-game theme, unless you watch an ad. Again, because game it’s free, ads appear quite a lot. However, you can remove the ad by paying IDR 65,000.

6. Classic Bounce

Classic Bounce

Long ago, during the era of Nokia mobile phones hits, parents and elders usually play game Nokia mobile phone. But now, Nokia’s echo is not as good as it is today and has been overtaken by other famous HP vendors. But, the game-game the one at Nokia is still a prima donna and sticks in the hearts of the elderly you know

Just say it game bounce, game dribble the ball towards the line done this is quite fun to play.

Even if you no longer use a Nokia mobile phone, but game Classic Bounce present on PlayStore. Of course Bounce Classic became one game for parents which is exciting because parents will be familiar with it game this.

7. Kingdom of Solitaire

kingdom solitaire_

Games for other good senior citizens is Kingdom of Solitaire. from, game this may be quite common for those of you who like to play game on the computer. Every Windows based computer, must have game this is why we recommend it game Kingdom Solitaire is for old people.

Besides gamethat’s easy, Kingdom Solitaire is also included game which is quite common among the elderly. They will surely enjoy playing Solitaire Kingdom.

Well, if this version of Android has a more attractive interface than game old solitaire on PC/laptop.

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