15 Games for Moms, Guaranteed to be Fun and Stress Relievers

Who said game only for young people? Even mothers can play game, you know! Playing games is one of the ways to relieve fatigue from daily activities.

In terms of genre, it can be adjusted according to each individual’s taste, but games that are suitable for mothers are usually game relatively light mobile, simple, but still fun to play.

Well, if you are a mother or want to recommend game for mom, Caris Signal has 15 game options to try. Come on, check out the comments below!

1. Emoji Puzzle!

As the name suggests, game this will give you Riddle lots of emojis. You have to match emoji with other emoji. Just draw a cross, vertical or horizontal line towards a specific emoji. For example, you find the Santa Claus emoji. Sure, the match is a tree emoji or a Christmas present.

Or, you find the eye emoji. His partner is of course the glasses. Match as many emojis as you can. In the early stages, Riddleit is not difficult at all. However, when the Caris Signal team reaches level 40, these emoji puzzles become difficult to solve. In fact, the Caris Signal team repeatedly needed additional guidance.

Additional clues can be found by watching ads, yes. Oh yes, each level will bring a bonus level that you can play. Only, to play the level, you have to watch ads. Games Emoji Puzzles! Requires an internet connection to run. Download Emoji Puzzles! for Android on Google PlayStore and App Store iOS version.

2. My Home Design – Modern City

my house design modern city_

In this game, you have to help Chloe and Liam to design the interior of the client’s house or apartment. In the early stages, you are asked to design the apartment of a young couple, Will and Bella.

Relax, there will be action plan interior design that Chloe gives you. Make sure the interior design matches action plan that, yes. Choose the right sofa, wall paint color, decoration, curtains, to the window, according to the customer’s request.

If the money in your pocket starts to run out, you can play the game match 3 or match Riddle. Match each piece of jewelry with another piece that has a similar color. One time mini game done, you will earn $500. Complete the interior design and help Chloe and Liam to provide the best service.

Games it requires an internet connection to play. When tried, there are some ads that pop up, but not intrusive. Oh yes, every day, you only have five ‘lives’ in the game. Make sure you make good use of it, OK? Download Design My Home – Modern City for Android on Google PlayStore and App Store iOS version.

3. Tiling


Tiledom is a game Riddle match 3 very simple. You have to match the square of the picture with the other two squares.

Of course the picture on the box must be the same. For example, two boxes with pictures of strawberries and one box with pictures of strawberries as well. But, the way of matching it is not shifted, yes. Enough knock-knock just a picture box.

Each level of the game has a different level of difficulty. Caris signal team managed to play it up to level 8. Some tools useful is also presented in this game. You can return the wrong square to the board by pressing a button undo. Or, randomize the square position by pressing a button shake.

You will also be given coins worth more than 2000. These coins are useful if you want to continue the game when you fail, without having to start over from the beginning. Tiledom games are perfect for relaxing. although simple, game this is enough to sharpen the brain as well. Download Tiledom for Android on Google PlayStore and for iOS in the App Store.

4. Let’s Create! Pottery Lite

Let's Create!  Pottery Lite_

I want to try to play game which relax but still fun? Let’s do it! Pottery Lite. This game from Infinite Dreams will invite you to try making clay crafts (pottery). Just like actually, you should shape the clay into things like vases or flower pots, and other decorations.

Use your fingers to shape the clay. Slide your finger in and out of the clay area until it takes the shape you want. Relax, you don’t have to rush to craft. Patience is required in this game, especially when completing orders from customers.

After the clay formation is complete, you need to heat it with fire. Well, only after heating, you can decorate the craft with paint or ornaments. Paint and jewelry can be bought in the shop in the main menu. You can check missions/orders at inbox which is also on the main menu.

During the game, you will be accompanied by the sound of birds and really soothing music. This game is ideal for reducing stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

Oh yes, let’s do it! Pottery Lite is available in a free version (with ads) and a paid version. The paid version has a more complete collection of paints and ornaments, and no ads. The purchase price is only IDR 53,000 (Android version). This game can you download on Google PlayStore for Android and App Store for iOS.

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