15 Money Making Online Games on PC & Android

Who said game online is a pointless thing? If you think so game online only for unemployed people who have a bleak future, throw these thoughts away because game You can make money online. No kidding, income is earned from several people game online is very tempting.

Well, this time Caris Signal will review some of them game make money online. Take notes review follow and who knows you can become a high earning millionaire from a game online.

1. Wild Cash

Wild Cash is game money maker on android phone. In game In this case, you are required to follow and answer the quiz questions. The question itself is the same as the question for elementary school students. Don’t worry, this application is available in Indonesian. So, you can do questions related to general knowledge in Indonesia.

You can do this question in the Boot Camp feature. There are three levels of questions that can be solved. Among them are easy, simple and difficult questions to solve. We tried to answer 10 questions from the existing quiz. As a result, we were able to collect 2000 coins. If converted to rupiah, the number of coins is equivalent to Rp 200.

In addition to completing quizzes, you can earn money by pressing the coin icon on the home page. Only, the amount of coins is less than taking the quiz. If you want to earn a large amount of coins, please try to invite your friends.

This application allows you to withdraw money through e-wallet such as DANA, OVO and GoPay. Unfortunately, it is not common bugs when you want to withdraw money. So, the money cannot be withdrawn. Oh yes, the minimum withdrawal in this app is IDR 117. download Wild Cash for Android on Google PlayStore.

2. Destroy the Sea

destroy the ocean 1-party_

If game this one is a game match 3. You have to match the same sea animal icons. After we tried it, the presented object matching game was not difficult at all. No level up or anything like that.

You will get money after completing it match 3 in each session. Unfortunately, to earn money, you have to watch ads first. The amount of money itself is less than Rp 100 per game.

If you have earned more money, withdrawals can be made through several e-wallet. Among them are ShopeePay, DANA, OVO and GoPay. download Ocean Crush for Android on Google PlayStore.


skinny 1 page_

SKINNY is game popular money maker on Android. Inside game here, there are many mini game which can be played. One game can get 50 coins.

Either one mini game the one here is Catch Jewel. In the game, you have to catch all the gems that fall from the sky. But, you have to be careful with thunderstorms that can take your score. To get better at playing, you can practice.

The game here can be completed in less than a minute. Every time you play, you will encounter a fellow opponent players. Unfortunately, when we tried, it was quite difficult to find his opponent. So even though we finished the game with a lot of scores, we still didn’t get any coins.

Oh yes, the coins you earn can be exchanged. Not only to your DANA balance, you can exchange it for credit vouchers or vouchers game. If you want to withdraw your balance to DANA, minimum IDR 100 and maximum IDR 100,000. The exchange of IDR 100 is equivalent to 145 shillings.

4. Island King Pro

king of the island pro 1-side_

Games Another money maker that can be tried on Android is King Island Pro. Your task is to build more than 20 different islands. Use your coins to build the island. If you run out of coins, play slots and get more coins or reward another. You can also steal coins from fellow players. Or, destroy their island and get more coins.

When island construction is complete, you will level up and build another island at a higher cost. Get the energy to play slots by playing the Lucky Draw. To get it, you have to watch the ads inside game.

Unfortunately, coin production can only be done on the 30th island. So you have to keep playing game this. Even so, the production amount starts from only IDR 15,000.

5. TopRich

toprich 1-side_

One more game money maker you can try: TopRich. How to play game it’s pretty easy. You just have to combine the same cars over and over again and earn money. Get money on game it’s relatively easy and fast in comparison game another money maker.

We are trying to merge some cars using 100,000 coins. As a result, IDR 2000 went into our balance. Yes, you can ‘buy’ a car and park it using coins. The way to put the car in the parking lot is to press the car icon in the bottom center of the screen. The better the car, the more expensive it is.

If you run out of coins, you can watch ads. The amount of coins obtained is quite a lot, can reach hundreds of thousands. Oh yes, one floor inside game, you will get around IDR 1,000. Balance can be withdrawn via e-wallet. The minimum withdrawal is IDR 45,000.


gamee 1-side_

THE GAME is a money making game. Games this requires you to try them all mini game that exists. For example, like kicking a ball into a goal, being a karate kid hitting a tree, and also arranging boxes with the same number.

You are given a mission to reach a certain score to earn money. After scoring, you can only earn money. We collected more than 1000 points ourselves, and earned as much as $1. Every day, game here have a mission of more than three pieces. You must complete all missions.

Oh yes, withdrawal of funds on GAMEE has a minimum limit, which is $10. Withdrawals can only be made via PayPal.

7. Lucky Market

2 sided lucky market_

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