15 Most Challenging Brain Games for Android Phones

Games not just to entertain the players. Sometimes several gluee actually provides education or benefits to players. You can choose the type game which can make brain performance better like 15 game brain teaser we recommend this time.

In fact game some of these brain teasers are games that can sharpen the right and left brain, some are also conceptualized as game logic puzzle

Well, roughly there is game brain teaser with the concept of brain teaser quiz, game math, and find puzzle items? Want to know? Listen to the end of this article!

1. Brain Out – Can you pass?

Not only sharpening your logical way, Brain Out forces you to think creatively in solving problems. The instructions in this game seem to try to trick you into giving the wrong answer. You have to try to think outside the box to complete each challenge.

There are hundreds of levels you can play game this, guaranteed you will be dizzy and “irritated”, and feel proud that you have successfully completed each stage illogical. Enjoy this brain teaser game by clicking this link.

2. Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle

rolling the ball

Bitmango has been quite successful in developing and launching so-called brain teasers Roll the Ball® – a slide puzzle. Games it is quite popular with the number of downloads reaching more than 900,000 times on PlayStore. Games You can play this on Android phones and other Android devices.

Easy but quite brain draining, Roll the Ball® – slide Riddle just asking you to get the ball rolling. However, you must connect the unconnected pipes. After all the pipes are connected, the ball will automatically roll along the existing pipe path. Interested?

3. Ah

aa brain teasing game

Games what makes your brain good enough is play game A A. ​​Sound brief with simple graphic animation make it as a game The easy one. However, that is not the case. Indeed this game is very easy to play.

You just need to tap each number at the bottom. Then, each number you type will enter the circle in the middle. For early levels it will be very easy, but at higher levels you will find black lines that are in circles.

Now, you have to tap each number without pressing the black line in the circle. Remember, that the circle will keep spinning, so you need to focus more to play it. Want to know?

4. Joint Tiles

connecting tiles

In this game you have to connect tiles with a large number of paired images in a limited time.

When you destroy all the tiles on the board, you can win the level. Interestingly, you can see a collection of various pictures on the tiles: cute animals, fresh fruits, cakes, clothes, vehicles, toys, etc.

Other features include a sign map: 20+ constellations representing each chapter, easy rules to play: tap tiles and connect as soon as possible, auto save and offline so it can be played anytime and anywhere, etc. Download on Google PlayStore.

5. Unblock Me FREE

unblock me

No less interesting and you need to be more focused and also have a strong logical power, Unblock Me FREE be one game our best brain teasers. Games which was developed by developer This uniform is enough to catch the attention of Android users by gaining more than 600,000 downloads.

Simple, this game will not make it difficult for you in the way of playing. However, each level will become more challenging. In Unblock Me FREE, you just have to let the red block out.

However, chocolate blocks will get in the way. Your task is to move the brown blocks out of the way for the red blocks. Can do?

6. ∞ Infinity Loop

infinity loop

Combining random lines into a neat arrangement of blocks is a task that can be done by playing game brain teasers on this one. ∞ Infinity Loop, that’s what it’s called game developed by developer ∞ Infinity Loop.

Games This is also classified as sharpening your focus as well as sharpening your logic. This is because it is not easy to combine random lines with different curved shapes into a neat arrangement of blocks. Do you think you can do it? Try and prove it by playing game ∞ Infinity Loop,.

7. How to Loot – Pull the Pin

how to seize pin pull 1-side_

How to Loot – Pull the Pin is game upcoming brain teasers. In the game, you will play a knight. Well, your task is to help the knight to collect treasure by doing rob.

However, it is not that easy to get the treasure for the knight. You as the ‘helper’ must think of a way so that the knight can reach the treasure he is looking for. Move the gold pin blocking the knight’s path, huh.

At first everything was very simple. However, everything changes when the knight’s enemy appears. Enemies are not only monsters, but also hot lava. Now, to moisten the lava and turn it into rock, you need to mix it with water.

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