15 Most Interesting 2 Player Games on Android Smartphones


PlayStore does provide a variety of interesting applications that you can use. One of them is the application game. Android users must be familiar with variations game which can be found on the PlayStore including game 2 players.

Games This 2 player allows you to play games with colleagues, relatives or family. What game do you want to know? How to play it? All will be reviewed in the following discussion of Caris Signal.

1. Mario Kart Tour

Games 2 players fun on Android that you can try is Mario Kart Tour. In game race In this, you will fight in the racing arena with players from all over the world. Of course, you can also invite friends to race together.

Not just players course The ones in the Mario Kart Tour game are also inspired by various big cities in the world. Among them are Los Angeles, Singapore, Berlin, Vancouver, to Tokyo.

In the game, there are several rules which you can choose. Two of these are modes of playing individually or in a team and choosing a speed level from card used. Try Mario Kart Tour by downloading it via this link.

2. Roblox


Next, there’s Roblox. This is platform game which is similar to HAGO. Roblox has a lot of fun games from different genres that you can play with your friends.

Three of them are genres survival, horror and action. In addition to being able to play alone with friends, you can play game on Roblox with other players from around the world.

To date, Roblox has been downloaded by over 300 million Android users. Download Roblox here and play all the fun games.

3. MapleStory M

maplestory m_

Among the list game 2 of the best players on Android from Caris Signal, there’s MapleStory M. Here it is game MMORPG developed by Wizet developer and released by Nexon Company.

In game In this, you and your friends will play as knights, archers and many other characters. You can explore the world of MapleStory with its cities, namely Kerning City, Henesys, Perion, Elinia, and more.

You have to complete the game’s levels and fight the existing enemies, including a big one named Zakum. Want to know? Try MapleStory M here.

4. World of Warships: War Blitz

WoW Blitz War_

Games it lets you experience combat with iconic World War I and World War II ships. In gameyou and your friends play as an allied force against the powers of the Axis Bloc.

Not only warships, locations in the game World of Warships: Blitz War also match historical records. One of the locations of the war is the Arctic Ocean area.

World of Warships has fun missions, where you can choose ships and weapons according to the level of the game.

Not only can you play together, you can try World of Warships: Blitz War with several other friends, or play in battle mode. single player just. Download World of Warships: Blitz War via this link.


mortal kombat_

Next, there is MORTAL KOMBAT: A Fighting Game. Yes, now you can play game this legendary on HP Android. Sub-Zero and friends will invite you to return nostalgic to the past through game fight this.

MORTAL KOMBAT features adrenaline-pumping gameplay divided into different modes. One of them is battle mode. Then, you will fight with all team members, against AI characters. Relax, if you are bored, invite friends to play together in the mode multiplayer to fight players differently online.

Not only that, you can also complete missions to earn reward from search mode. MORTAL COMBAT not only offers interesting fighting game, but also easy control. you just have to do tap on the screen to attack the opponent.

Games This is especially for those of you who are 18 years old or older. The reason, of course, is because of the very graphic and disturbing visuals that appear fatality.

6. DUAL!


DUAL! can be said to be similar to game often played old school game boy. This game requires you to complete the game shooter brief Not only that, you can invite a friend or girlfriend to play together.

There are three game modes offered by DUAL!. One of them is DEFEND. In this mode, you will work together with your friends to fight against invading enemies. To be able to enjoy this mod, one of you must purchase game DUAL! full version.

If you want to play game To do this, you and your friend must be connected to the same internet connection, or via Bluetooth. Not difficult to conquer game this. Easy controls and visuals are also made game DUAL! So special in its own way.

7. Jumping Ninja Battle

Jumping Ninja Battle _

Jumping Ninja Battle is game lightweight for Android released in 2018. In game In this case, you play as a ninja and must survive from enemy attacks.

You can choose the battle mode according to your wish. One of the combat modes available is one-on-one. In this mode, you will fight with one other player and defeat them.

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