15 Not Boring Games to Play on Android

What do you usually do when you are bored? Are you busy checking social media or choosing to play game From smart phone?

from, game it is definitely the right choice to kill time. However, some games get boring if played over and over again. you need to game which is not boring even if it has been played repeatedly.

To meet your needs will game fun, Carisignal has summarized 15 game which is not boring to play smart phone Your Android. Come onfast download game and play when you are bored!

1. STARS: Super Tricky Amazing Run

STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run is game which is similar to Fall Guys. Games this requires you to go through various obstacles and be the only survivor from all available opponents.

STARS: Super Tricky Amazing Run will take you jumping from blocks, playing balls and getting the highest score, to run between roads floating in the sky.

Uniquely, the characters in STAR are very funny and diverse. You can replace skin characters with coins obtained from winning match results. Every day, there will be search different So, guaranteed you won’t get bored easily when playing.

2. Sausage Man

sausage man_

If game battle royale certainly not boring when played. Sausage Man it is similar to Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. The difference, the character in game is a sausage man. Map inside game funny as well as the character.

Even if you enter the court very, cuteness can change the tension yes. Not to mention, you’ll be dealing with dozens of people holding guns and ready to shoot at any moment. Yes, of course you can too rob weapons in the game to survive and become last man standing.

In gamethat, you can choose to be Lone wolf or join a team and play with scores kill at most. In terms of control gameit’s not much different from the game battle royale another. Be found joystick which can be used to shoot and move.

3. Toilet Rush Race

toilet rush race_

How do you feel if you need to pee but it’s hard to find a toilet? This is what the two male and female characters feel game Toilet Rush Race. As the name suggests, you have to get them both to the right toilet; according to gender.

The trick is to simply draw a line in the direction of the toilet door, or the toilet itself. Basically, don’t let the woman wander into the men’s restroom or vice versa. And what else to remember, don’t let them meet in the middle of the road! You see, then they desire a fight

Games it offers 80++ different game levels. You will also get bonus levels every time you play. Of course, although simple, game it’s not boring at all.

Unfortunately, Toilet Rush Race is full of ads. In fact, every time the Caris Signal team completes a level, an ad will pop up uninvited. Or, when the Caris signal team tries to use guidance and buttons undo to remove the row, again the ad will be displayed. If you are curious and want to try game it’s free, please continue download on Google PlayStore.

4. Stickman Party

Stickman Party _

Next, there is the Stickman Party. This is board game which is quite exciting. You need to get all the trophies that are inside board game. Well, while fighting for this trophy, you will be treated to several types mini game.

Mini game this will determine your turn in rolling the dice. More often you win mini game this, the more chances you have to take turns rolling the dice and win trophies in the game.

The fun part is, you can choose to play against boat or real players. How about trying to play? Stickman party?

5. Antistress – relaxation toy

Antistress - relaxation toy_

As the name suggests, game this one is meant to reduce stress and make players relax. Inside gamethere are several ‘toys’ you can try.

Call it a solution bubble wrapplay fidget spinnerforming slimeunzipping, wiping steam from windows and more.

Because this is game relaxing and ASMR, so the sounds produced and the game itself are also great satisfying.

Although simple, game this can remove fatigue and you will be calm. Gamesit is very suitable to be played during breaks in the middle of the hustle and bustle, you know. Try Antistress – relaxation toys with download on Google PlayStore.


Aquapark.io_ is a very simple game. Both in terms of controls and visuals, as well as the game itself. Yes, you will act as a character who needs to go through a long slide; race with other players to reach the line done.

So, as long as you are on the water slide, you not only have to overtake your opponent, but also make them fall and cannot get back on the slide.

If you fall, you can ‘get back up’ without starting over. You just have to watch the ads. Ads in game quite annoying, because it often appears during the game.

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