15 Suggested Games Suitable for LDR Couples

Stuck at home and can’t visit boyfriend? Or you left your partner in your hometown because of work? Being in an LDR relationship is hard.

In addition to having to fight longing, trust issues are also a problem experienced by every couple who are separated by distance. Well, rather than be confused, it is better to play game which can be played together.

Instead of leaving your partner alone and instead looking for fun with other people, you can spend time together in a fun way, even if you don’t meet. There are many games online which can be chosen, but not all of them are suitable for playing with a girlfriend or husband/wife.

Therefore, Carisignal took the initiative to compile a list of the best games suitable for LDR couples to play.

Not just anything game online, game that we include in this list are guaranteed to be delivered emphasis about unique player interactions and thick themes with couple nuances. Come on, just look at the list below!


In this game, you and your partner will act as a circular cell. Well, your and your partner’s job is to eat other, smaller cells. Just move your cell using mouse then let it eat all the available cells.

Remember, don’t let your cells be eaten by other cells that are larger in size. Otherwise, you or your partner can fail.

For those who want to play along, please do room myself through party mode. Enter nickname and you can immediately play with your partner and many other players online. play now, let’s go! oh yes gameit can be played through browser on a PC, laptop or mobile phone.

2. Roblox


Roblox is one of the many online gaming platforms that contain many fun games. Games which is in platform it consists of many genres, including survival and actions.

So, for those of you who are in an LDR with a partner, Roblox can be used as entertainment while letting go of longing together.

Not only can play game fake users otherwise, you and your partner can grow game itself, so that it can be played by fellow Roblox users. Interested in trying?

3. United Pokemon

pokemon unite_

Games Another one you can play with your partner is Pokemon Unite. Games this one allows you and your partner to join forces with other Pokemon Trainers.

Then, you and your team will enter Aeos Island and battle with other five-player teams and defeat Wild Pokemon. You and the opposing team must compete for the highest score to win the match.

Pokemon Unite can be played on Android, iPhone and Nintendo Switch. Download game Android version on Google PlayStore and for iPhone in the App Store.

4. Mario Kart Tour

mario kart tour_

If you and your partner like to play game kart racingTry Mario Kart Tour Together. Games This light allows you and your partner to participate in racing tournaments card with different themes and gifts. You will also face various interesting challenges.

Because this is Mario Kart Tour, you as the player will take part in a kart race map in the form of large cities in various parts of the world. Among them are London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris, and many more. Download Mario Kart Tour for Android on Google PlayStore and for iPhone in the App Store.

5. Phog!


Phogs! is game cooperation which is suitable for LDR couples to play. In game In this game, you and your partner will play as dogs named Red and Blue.

You and your partner must help Red and Blue to travel platform Riddle by running, jumping, and even barking. Interested in trying?

6. Head Ball 2

head ball 2_

Next there is Head Ball 2. This game is also suitable for LDR couples, you know. To play along, please connect game with their respective Facebook accounts. You can compete against each other or join a team.

How to play gameit’s pretty easy. Just use the on-screen controls to kick or head the ball. Try to put the ball into the opponent’s goal, OK?

In addition to playing alone with your partner, each of you can participate in tournaments through the mode career, you know. Interested? Please try playing Head Ball 2 with your partner. Download Head Ball 2 for Android on Google PlayStore and Head Ball 2 for iPhone on the App Store.

7. Humans: Fall Flat

man falls flat_

Human: Fall Flat is game others that are suitable for LDR couples play. In gameyou and your partner will fall into a platform in the realm of dreams. You have to explore platform with various forms, such as a castle or even a house. Here, you both have to solve the puzzle.

Of course, you and your partner need to help each other, for example to carry items like remote control, unlock elevator, or break the wall. You can’t do it alone because you only have two hands, that’s why the help of a partner is essential.

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