20 Best and Most Interesting Cooking Games on Android & PC


It is natural that girls are the most comfortable to play game cooking. Usually, children like to imagine playing cooking like cooking real food.

However, now technology is getting more sophisticated, so that girls can play virtual cooking with 15 game cook the following.

A variety of dishes are also presented in the tenth game more specific cooking for girls like cooking pizza, cooking ice cream, even cooking birthday cake can be played by players. Well, you want to know how fun game cooking for girls? Do you think there is a game to cook fried rice? Here is the review.

Cooking Games on Android

From platform Android, so many game dear cooking to be missed. So when you are outside the house, you can still do it killing time with a delicious meal.

1. Cooking Fever

More than 2 million Android mobile phone users have downloaded it game it’s in the Play Store. Games which serves about 400 types of dishes with 150 diverse secret spices, this is quite exciting and very fun for players to play. game Cooking Fever, including cooking pizza too popcorn can also be found at game this.

In addition to serving a variety of dishes and seasonings, Cooking Fever is also equipped with superior features such as 19 of the most unique locations. And what is unique, players game Cooking Fever will deal with 400 levels that have different levels of obstacles. Well, do you want to play too? Download the game here.

2. Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness

From game In Cooking Madness, you can’t relax because customers will come and order food. Be quick and don’t disappoint customers. In addition, you also have a mission to unlock restaurants at every level. For unlock restaurant, of course there is a minimum limit for earnings from selling food in Cooking Madness.

Not only that, Cooking Madness also provides some tips for cooking so that the dishes you make are tastier. oh yes You can too upgrade all cooking equipment so that food can be prepared faster. Exciting, can? Come on, now download the gamehe here.

3. MAMA COOKS Let’s Cook!

cook mom_

MAMA IS COOKING Let’s Cook, game next cooking which can be the best choice for you who really want to download and play cooking games in a significant way. In game Of course, you are asked to cook the various dishes on the menu.

However, if you have high creativity in the field of cooking, you can find your own cooking recipes at game this you know. Although you are required and tasked in terms of cooking, the player is also required in terms of running the restaurant.

So deep game which has been downloaded nearly 400,000 times on the PlayStore, this will give you the responsibility of running a restaurant as well as being a reliable cook. Want to try? click here for download gamehe.

4. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Delicious Pizza, Delicious Pizza

True to the name gamehe, Delicious Pizza, Delicious Pizza This invites players to cook pizza. Cooked pizza can use toppings whatever the player’s taste. Note, there are many toppings which can be chosen such as sausage, onion, pepperonimushrooms and other vegetables that make your pizza more unique.

Although you can make pizza however you want, don’t forget that your customers have their own taste for pizza, OK? So, make pizza according to the order from your customers. That way, the pizza business will continue and you can make customers happy with their pizza.

5. Cooking City – Chef Fever

cooking city (1)_

Games cooking this one is similar to Cooking Fever. you must have time management good The goal, so that all users can be served well. There are several restaurants that you have to manage. Even in the first restaurant there are many levels that you have to complete.

At each level, you will prepare toast by toppings different In the beginning, only a small amount of food and drink should be prepared. But, over time the number is increasing. Toppingsit’s also getting more complicated.

Games it’s perfect to play when you have a lot of free time. Your finger speed greatly affects the completion of each level. He cried, no ads came in game this. You can download Cooking City – Chef Fever for free.

There is none storyline pinned on game this. When you first play, you are immediately faced with many levels that must be completed. How, you are interested game this?

6. Delicious World – Cooking Game

delicious world(2)_

Next, there is Delicious World – Cooking Game. Games this is also involved time management in it. You have to serve customers who want to dine in or take their food home.

The food served here is pancakes and coffee (for entry level). You have to cook all the ingredients from scratch. Don’t keep customers waiting too long, or they’ll get angry.

You have to collect coins from each level you play. Each level has Goal different, yes. Oh yeah, that adds to the fun game this is storyline about the main character. Her name is Emily. Emily had to help her mother pay off the debt. Otherwise, the restaurant will be confiscated. He also needs to pursue his dreams as a person chef professional.

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